Casey's Plan

This is the sequel to "Moving On". Happy Reading!

It's been two weeks since Casey found out about Kevin. Dan and Natalie are wondering when Casey is going to implement his plan.

"Show me San Diego."

"San Diego's up on 2."

"Can I hear sound in Philadelphia?"

"Good show everybody."

Dan and Casey are sitting at the anchor desk preparing for that night's broadcast.

"Show it's been two weeks."

"I'm aware of that Dan."

"I'm just reminding you."

"For the hundredth time today."

"Two weeks Casey. Fourteen days."

"I can count Dan."

"Just making sure you know."

"Shut up."

Dave's voice interrupts their conversation.

"Roll VTR, 1 minute live."

"Two weeks."

Casey shakes his head in disgust and waits for his cue to begin the tease.

"Good evening, from New York City I'm Casey McCall alongside Dan Rydell. Those stories plus Big Mac does it again and the fans in Philly are wondering "What the hell was that?"

"We'll also take you to San Diego where the Padres were having a bad day. Plus all the days other scores and highlights. You're watching Sports Night so stick around."


Dana arrived at work the next morning in a deliriously happy mood. Kevin had surprised her the night before by coming home a day early from his business trip. Dana's good mood did not go unnoticed.

"Hey Dana."

"Good Morning to you to Casey."

"You're in a good mood today."


Casey continued to follow Dana to her office. Along the way, Dana was smiling at and greeting everyone who passed. Casey decided to venture a guess as to the cause of Dana's good mood.

"Kevin comes back today doesn't he?"

"Actually, he came back last night!"

Dana smiled at the memory of seeing Kevin waiting for her when she arrived home the night before. He was holding a bag of movies in one hand and cartons of Chinese food in the other. "Surprise!" was all he said before he set the cartons down and kissed her. Casey's voice snapped Dana back to reality.

"So he just showed up at your doorstep."


"Without any warning."


"Was he waiting outside or did he let himself in."

"He was outside."

"Too much of a gentleman to just waltz on inside."

"How would he get in Casey? It's not like I gave him a key."

"He doesn't have a key?"

"No Casey."

"Well, what if you had a guest with you?"

"But I didn't Casey."

"Guess he lucked out."

"What's that supposed to mean?"


"Are you all right?"

"Yeah, I'm fine."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes Dana I'm sure. Look I gotta get back to work."

"Okay, I'll see you later."

Casey left Dana's office without another word. Dana sat down at her desk , wondering what was bothering Casey so much. She wondered if it was her and Kevin. That's absurd she thought to herself. Casey made it very clear that he had gotten over her.


Dan was sitting on the couch reviewing what he had just written when Casey came in. From the way it looked, Casey's day hadn't gotten off to a good start.

"You wanna talk about it?"

"It would be much easier to break them up if Kevin wasn't so perfect!"

"You need a plan Casey."

"Killing Kevin doesn't count?"

"I don't think that will find you a special place in Dana's heart."

"Well what can I do?" "Make her fall in love with you again."

"But we're not dating."

"So, you weren't dating when she fell in love with you the first time."

"How do you know she was even in love with me a first time?"

"Dude, everyone knew, even Lisa."

"Lisa knew Dana was in love with me?"

"Yes Casey. You were the only one who didn't know. You could tell just by the way she looked at you."

Casey thought back to all the time he had spent with Dana over the years. How could he have missed it? He knew her better than she knew herself some days. How could she have missed something so important to him?

"How can I make her fall in love with me again?"

"Do whatever you did the first time Case."

"But what if it doesn't work this time?"

"It'll work Casey."


Natalie wanted Dana to be happy. And she had to admit that Kevin did seem to make her happy. But she couldn't help wanting her to be with Casey. After all these years, why couldn't they get it together? They could be so happy together if they would just let it happen. And what was taking Casey so long with his plan? If he's just gonna show up and see what happens I swear to God she thought to herself.

"Do you need something Natalie?"

"I need some advice Isaac."

Isaac sighed, whenever someone had a problem, they always came to him. Not that he minded. He enjoyed imparting his wisdom to his staff. It gave him a reason for staying in spite of all his problems with Luther and his boys. But Luther was out of the picture now. Still, Isaac secretly smiled whenever one of his "children" came to him for advice.

"What seems to be a problem Natalie."

"Well it's about Casey and Dana."

"Casey and Dana? I wasn't aware that Casey and Dana were a Casey and Dana. I thought Dana was seeing that Fortune 500 person."


"Is that his name?"

"Yes, it's his name and yes she is seeing him."

"Then what seems to be the problem?"

"Casey's in love with Dana."

"This is news?"

"Well no. But he's not happy about the whole Dana and Kevin thing."

"You mean were Dana leaves here every night to spend time with an attractive, successful, romantic man who isn't him? "

"Yes that thing."

"What do you want him to do about it?"

"I want him to get a plan."

"A plan?"

"To get Dana back."

"I see. . ."

"But Casey doesn't seem to have a plan."

"And you want me to suggest one?"

"If it wouldn't be too much trouble."

"Get him to make her fall in love with him again."

"But how?"

"He managed to do it before, I think he can figure that one out himself."

"Thanks Isaac."

"Anytime Natalie."

"Do you need anything else?"


"Then I suggest you get back to work before Dana comes looking for you."

"Yes sir."


Casey was standing outside of Dana's office. He had been standing there for almost five minutes, trying to summon the courage to knock on the door. It's not like he needed a reason to talk to Dana. She had been his best friend since college. But he couldn't help being nervous about his plan, or Dan's plan rather. He didn't know what he had done to make Dana fall in love with him in the first place. He certainly didn't think that he deserved her. Finally, Casey knocked on Dana's door.

"Come in."



"Look, I'm sorry for being a jerk this morning."

"Don't worry about it."

"I was completely out of line."

"It's okay Casey. I forgive you."

"I was still a jerk."

"Casey, is there something bothering you?"

"No, I'm fine really. So how about letting me make this morning up to you?"


"Can I take you to dinner after the show? I mean, if you already have plans just say so. I just thought . . ."

"I would love to Casey."

"Great umm, well, I'll meet you back here after the show?"

Before Dana can answer, the phone rings.

"Dana Whitaker."

"Hey honey."

"Hey Kevin."

Not wanting to be present for this conversation, Casey begins to slowly back out of Dana's office. To his surprise, she motions for him to stay, which he does.

"So, I was hoping I can meet you for dinner tonight after your show."

"I'm sorry Kevin, I already have plans."

"With who?" "With Casey."

"Is there something going on between you two?"

"What kind of question is that?"

"Well my girlfriend is having dinner with the guy she used to be in love with. I'd say that would be cause for concern."

"Well don't be."

"Can I take you to dinner tomorrow night then?"


"Great, well, I'll call you later. Bye."


Dana hangs up the phone and starts to answer Casey's question, but Casey is already speaking.

"If you would rather go out with Kevin tonight, I'll understand."

"No, I'm having dinner with you tonight."

"But I thought Kevin was your boyfriend."

"He is and I care about him. But you're my best friend and you asked first."

"So I guess I'll meet you after the show?"


"Okay, I'll talk to you later then."

On his way back to his office, Casey ran into Natalie.

"I have a plan Casey."

"Good, so do I Nat."

"Actually it's Isaac's plan . . . you have a plan?"

"It was really Danny's idea, but yes I have a plan."

"Well are you going to share this plan?"

"I'm going to make her fall in love with me again."

"That's what Isaac said to do."

"Isaac's a pretty smart guy."

"How are you going to do it?"

"The same way I did it before."

"Do you know how that is?"

"No, but I'm taking her to dinner tonight."


"And Kevin called after I asked her, and Dana said she already had plans."


"Yes Nat."

"This is good."

"Yes it is."

Natalie was absolutely elated that Dana and Casey were having dinner that night. It wasn't an official date, but it was a start. Maybe someone would see them together and say what a cute couple they make. Nah, she thought, that only happens in the movies. But then again, a couple like them would only get a second chance like this in the movies.

Anything is possible.

To be continued.

The End