A Post-ep to La Forza del Destino

It was well after 3am when most of the crew left the bar. Dan had gone home to ponder the sudden return of Rebecca. Natalie and Jeremy left seperately- to Natalie's delight and disappointment. And one by one Kim, Chris, Elliiot, and Dave left. Dana and Casey were the only ones left in the bar when Sally made her entrance with Gordon. Dana stared at her drink in order not to catch either one of their eye. Casey noticed Dana's discomfort and tried to comfort her.

"It still bothers you to see them together?"

"You know Casey, I just don't get it. Sally is always saying what a talented and capable woman she is-and I suppose to some degree she is. But Gordon wants a trophy wife. How the hell did they manage to stay together?"

"Maybe it's the contacts."

"Or the sex."

Dana went back to staring at her drink. Gordon and Sally's entrance reminded Dana of all the pain of the last year.

"What's wrong Dana?"

"What isn't wrong?"

"It isn't you fault."

"What isn't my fault. That we all may be out of a job in a few days or that I'm not married yet. Cause let me tell ya, from where I'm sitting, it's all my fault."

"Dana . . ."

"If I hadn't been so stubborn, none of this would have ever happended. You deserved better than what I gave you."

Now Casey was confused. He couldn't tell is Dana was talking about the dating plan or the show.

"You're too hard on yourself."

"I get it from my mother, who by the way think this is the perfect opportunity for me to get out of sports."

"at least she doesn't blame for Kyle's steriod problem."

Dana smiled at Casey, after all these years, Casey was still the only one who could make her smile at a time like this. She knew what she had to ask.

"You're not going to LA are you?"

"I can't leave Charlie."

"I know, I just needed to hear you say it."

"It's not that I don't want to go . . ."

"You don't have to explain, I understand."

"Danny's really looking forward to it."

"Danny's looking forward to the Laker girls."

"You guys will get everythinh right next time."

"I wish next time could be this time."

"Me too."

"You realize that this will be this first time we wonÕt be working together?"


"I donÕt think I can do this without you."

"You manage on my nights off."

"Not just the show. I donÕt think I can live 3,000 miles away from you."

"Actually, itÕs only 2,000 some ,miles . . ."

"ItÕs still too far."

"They have phones in LA remember?"

"ItÕs not the same."

"I know."

Casey pushed a piece of DanaÕs hair behind her ear. He couldnÕt stand the idea of living across a continent from Dana. She was more than just a producer to him. Dana Whitaker was his best friend and the woman he loved.


"Yes Casey?"

"DonÕt go to LA, stay in New York."

Tears began to roll down DanaÕs cheek. Casey took her face in his hands and wiped her tears away.

"IÕve never been able to put into words how I feel about you. YouÕre the most incredible person IÕve ever met. I wouldnÕt be here if it werenÕt for you encouraging me every step of the way. I canÕt be to live my life without you. You have been the one constant in my life all these years and I would be lost without you. Stay here with me. I love you."

Dana was speechless. After everything they had been through together, Casey still wanted her. How could she leave?

"Yes Casey, IÕll stay!"

"I promise IÕll make you happy."

"Being here with you will make me happy. I love you."

Casey leaned in and kissed Dana. It wasnÕt as passionate a kiss as their first, but it meant much more. They may be losing Sports Night, but they would always have each other. And it that moment, having each other was all that mattered

The End