Summer Rain



We open the scene and notice it is the next day. We find Jeremy is finishing his letter to Louise. There is a little light coming in through the windows on this partly cloudy day.

Casey walks up to Jeremy's desk.

Casey: I thought you finished that last night.

Jeremy: I didn't.

Casey: But you said you needed to finish it last night.

Jeremy: I did indeed.

Casey: And you still came down to party with us.

Jeremy: Yes, I did party with you.

Casey: Atta' boy!

Jeremy: Thank you.

Casey: Priorities change?

Jeremy: No.

Casey: Natalie call you and tell you to come down?

Jeremy: Yes.

Casey: But Dan and I tried so hard to get you to come down.

Jeremy: But Natalie called and said, and I quote, 'You better get your sweet ass down here right now before I come up there and get a piece of it myself.'

Casey: Ah- Dan and I would not have said that.

Jeremy: I know.

Casey: It's all in how you word it.

Jeremy: Plus Isaac was working late last night.

Casey: Don't want him catching you two up here late at night.

Jeremy: I felt it would be prudent if I went down there instead.

Casey: Very prudent.

Jeremy: I need to finish this up because the mail courier is coming soon.

Casey: Then I shall let you go back to your chores.

Casey leaves Jeremy alone and heads toward his office.


Dan is sitting at his desk as Casey enters.

Casey: Hey.

Dan: Hey.

Casey: Anything new?

Dan: I think I solved your e-mail problem.

Casey: You?

Dan: Actually, Jo might have figured it out. I'm just passing along the message.

Casey: Okay.

Dan: You've been sending it to the wrong address.

Casey: No, I haven't.

Dan: Technically, you have.

Casey: How can that be?

Dan: I received an e-mail from Dana right before her vacation.

Casey: What?!

Dan: It came from DanaWhitaker.

Casey: Yes, it should.

Dan: No, it came from DanaWhitaker- no space between Dana and Whitaker.

Casey: Yeah, wait...

Dan: You've been sending it to-

Casey: d, whitaker- all in small letters.

Dan: Right.

Casey: She never checked that account while she was in Sydney.

Dan: Exactly.

Casey: She was only checking DanaWhitaker.

Dan: That's where the company's inter-office e-mail goes.

Casey: Oh man.

Casey slumps his head onto his desk. He then brings it back up.

Casey: I've got to e-mail her.

Dan: It's too late.

Casey: Why? No.

Dan: She's on vacation.

Casey: No e-mail?

Dan: Isaac told her absolutely no e-mail.

Casey: Oh.

Dan: She'll be back next week.

Casey: (disappointed) Yeah.

Dan: I'll be back. I've got to get some info from Elliott and Kim. They have some stuff about this weeks Florida State-Miami game.

Casey: Okay.

Dan gets up from his desk and heads to the door.

Dan: Sorry, Case.

Casey: Thanks.

Dan leaves the office.


I'm sorry this letter is so long. Hopefully, you won't get a neck strain from reading it all in one sitting. I hope I've caught you up on everything that is going on with me and my friends. Take care and stay out of trouble, Louise.


And with that, Jeremy takes the sheets of paper, carefully lines them up, and creases them into thirds, so they can fit into his envelope. He gently puts them into his envelope, licks the flap, and seals it shut.

Dan walks by Jeremy's desk.

Dan: Oh, Jeremy. Here are some stamps to replace the ones I borrowed from you a little while ago.

Dan sets a strip of stamps on Jeremy's desk.

Jeremy: Thanks, Dan.

Jeremy takes the stamps, as Dan heads off in search of Kim and Elliott. Jeremy tears off a stamp, licks it, and places it on the envelope. He then takes the letter, and lifts it- judging the weight of it. Jeremy tears off another stamp, licks it, and places it next to the first one. He is making sure his letter will get to Louise promptly.


We have our closing scene, and we are following the mail courier as he delivers the mail.

The mail courier walks into the newsroom with his cart of mail. Dan, who is on his way toward the elevator, steps aside to let the courier through. Dan continues into the studio.

The courier stops by the first desk and picks up mail in a designated "Out Box" He drops the outgoing mail into an open section of the cart. He then pulls out some mail to be delivered to that particular person. He does this with each desk, working his way toward the back of the newsroom.

He stops at Jeremy's desk, and Jeremy greets him warmly and hands him his letter to Louise. The courier returns the gesture and hands Jeremy a couple pieces of mail. He then moves onto the next desk.

The courier then goes into Dan and Casey's office. He takes the mail from Dan's Out Box, and places a couple of pieces on his desk. He turns around to Casey and we see Casey wave at the courier and say he has "No mail going out today." Casey looks surprised as he is handed a postcard from the courier. Casey wishes him a "Good afternoon," and the courier leaves.

Casey looks at the front of the postcard and smiles. He quickly turns it over, and we can hear Casey's thoughts as he reads it.

Dear Casey,

I've heard you have been having some trouble getting hold of me. I thought I would try a more conventional method of reaching you. The Summer Games were amazing, and I am having a wonderful time seeing Sydney. It has rained every day on my vacation, which is very unusual. So what did I do? I went dancing in the rain all by myself. I was dancing in the rain!!! The feeling is so exhilarating, Casey. We'll get together when I get back.


Casey holds the postcard in both of his hands, closes his eyes, and smells it. He immediately recognizes the perfume sprayed on the postcard as Dana's favorite. He opens his eyes and something catches his attention out the window. He walks over to the window, opens it, and places his hand outside. It is raining. He collects a few drops in his palm and pulls his hand back inside. He gently wipes the raindrops onto his shirt.

Casey then closes his eyes, pulls the postcard up against his chest, and he imagines he is slow-dancing with Dana. He gently moves his body around, going to a rhythm in his head as he rotates and glides along the floor.

Natalie walks into the office, and Casey is completely unaware she has walked in. Natalie notices what Casey is doing, and a huge smile comes across her face. She quietly leaves the room, not leaving a trace of her previous attendance.

As we close out for the episode, Casey continues to dance with his eyes closed as he imagines he is dancing with Dana in the summer rain.

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