Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid



We open the scene with Dan and Casey in the edit bay. Dan is sipping on some coffee, and he points out a competitor on the screen.

Dan: What's this guy's name?

Casey: Huh?

Dan: The guy who threw that block. What's his name?

Casey: Ben something.... rookie Ben.

Dan: Hur?

Casey: I'm not thinking about her.

Dan: What?

Casey: You referred to her and I'm saying that I'm not thinking about her. She just started back today.

Dan: I was making a joke. You said 'Ben,' I said 'Hur.' Ben plus Hur equals--

Casey: I get it.

Dan stops the tape.

Dan: Something on your mind?

Casey: Nope.

Dan: Dusted off your cowboy boots?

Casey: (smiles) Yeah.

Dan: Casey.

Casey: Yeah.

Dan: What's on your mind?

Casey: (sighs) It's nothing.

Dan: Okay.

Casey: It's just....

Dan: What?

Casey: There were about thirty seconds when I had the nerve, man.

Dan: The nerve?

Casey: I had the nerve. I had the guts. I was pumped.

Dan: About what?

Casey: I was ready to-- I was ready to ask her. And then the little fire and the clean-up.

Dan: The mess from earlier.

Casey: Yeah, it blew my chance. It blew it for the day.

Dan nods his head, faces the screen, and turns the tape back on.

Dan: Okay. What's Ben's last name?

Casey: Thanks for your concern.

Dan: The fire blew your chance today?

Casey: Yeah.

Dan: Right, okay. Your chance to do what?

Casey: The chance to... ask her.

Dan: Ask Dana.

Casey: Right.

Dan: You've known her how long?

Casey: Just over seventeen years.

Dan: You met her in September?

Casey: Yes.

Dan: It's, what, October?

Casey: Yes.

Dan: Going on September?

Casey: No.

Dan: Then what--

Casey: Just over seventeen, whatever.

Dan: And you still can't remember her name?

Casey: That was elaborate for a dig.

Dan: I try.

Casey: No, Danny, I mean that was incredibly elaborate.

Dan: Thank you. Now listen. What I think you should do--

Casey: What were you trying to say?

Dan: When?

Casey: With your elaborate dig. What point were you trying to make?

Dan: I wasn't trying to make a point.

Casey: You were trying to make a point.

Dan: I was trying to make the point that you should say her name.

Casey: When?

Dan: Whenever.

Casey: Dan--

Dan: I'm serious.

Casey: I should say her name.

Dan: Yes, you should.

Casey: Dana.

Dan ran a hand across his face and specified in an exasperated tone, "To her."

Casey: I should say her name to her.

Dan: Yes.

Casey: She's been Dana for... how long now?

Dan: Oh, you're going to be completely hopeless about this, aren't you?

Casey: I'm just saying, she probably knows her name almost as well as I do.

Dan: Casey.

Casey: What?

Dan: You have to go in there.

Casey: In where?

Dan: I... don't know. In wherever she is.

Casey: She's at lunch.

Dan: A sandwich, or did she go to Anthony's?

Casey: To Anthony's, I think.

Dan: Then you have to go over there.

Casey: I'll see her when she comes back.

Dan: You'll lose your nerve when she comes back.

Casey: I don't have any nerve.

Dan: Then you've got nothing to lose. Go over there.

Casey considers it for a moment.

Casey: Later. We've got work to do, Danny

Dan lingers a stare toward Casey for a moment.

Dan: Yeah. Let's get back to work.


Dana, looking very focused, walks into the control room. She is still wearing her paper napkin from lunch, which is still tucked into the top of her blouse. Natalie is in there reviewing a tape.

Natalie: Deion Sanders lost a shoe.

Dana: I don't see it.

Natalie: Right there. (points on the screen)

Dana: No, moving on.

Natalie: Napkin.

Dana: I don't see it, either.

Natalie: Of course you don't. (points to Dana's blouse)

Dana: (looks down) Oh. Thank you, Natalie. (pulls napkin out)

Natalie: The Rams are looking awesome this year.

Dana: Just wait.

Natalie looks a little ticked.

Natalie: No one has stopped them this year.

Dana: They aren't playing with much defense. And defense- a good defense- wins championships. They won't repeat with that defense.

Dana takes her napkin, balls it up, and shoots it, making a basket into the trash can. She then sits down in a chair.

Natalie sits there and grits her teeth for a moment.

Dana: Something wrong, Natalie?

Natalie: What's wrong, Dana?

Dana: Nothing's wrong.

Natalie: Dana.

Dana: Natalie.

Natalie: You know there's a punishment for keeping secrets.

Dana: I don't have any.

Natalie: Dana.

Dana: Natalie, I don't have any secrets. Now get off my back!

Natalie: All right. I'll back off.

Dana: There's too much to do. I'll see you at the next rundown. (gets up)

Natalie: See ya'.

Dana leaves the room.

We watch Natalie spend a few seconds watching tape as we spot Jeremy through the window, walking by the control room. A second or two passes before we become aware that Jeremy has altered his course and has decided to take a detour through the control room. The door opens up and he walks in.

Jeremy: Hey, Natalie.

Natalie: Hey Jeremy. What's up?

Jeremy: How's the Redskins tape coming?

Natalie: Great.

Jeremy: Good. Good to hear.

Natalie: Deion lost a shoe.

Jeremy: He did?

Natalie rewinds the tape and then points to the screen.

Natalie: Watch this. It should happen in a second.

Jeremy pulls himself closer to the screen and Natalie. His body presses up against her back as he leans over her shoulder to get a better look.

Natalie: Right there. See it?

Jeremy: Yeah. Wow.

Jeremy takes a step back and creates breathing room between himself and Natalie.

Natalie: You want to see something else?

Jeremy: Sure.

Natalie: Watch this. (rewinds tape)

Jeremy: What am I looking for?

Natalie: There's going to be... a great block coming in the corner of the screen.

Jeremy: Where? I didn't see it.

Natalie: (rewinds tape) Watch again.

Jeremy: I still didn't see it.

Natalie: You have to watch real close.

Jeremy scoots next to Natalie and takes a close look at the screen.

Natalie: You'll miss it from over there. You can see it from this angle. (motions her arm behind her)

Jeremy: Okay. Move over.

Natalie: I have the controls.

Jeremy: Well give them to me.

Natalie: You don't know where to rewind it.

Jeremy: Okay.

Jeremy scoots behind Natalie once again.

Natalie: Look closely.

Jeremy presses his body against Natalie's back.

Jeremy: I don't see it.

Natalie reaches up and pulls of his glasses.

Jeremy: Now I don't see anything.

Natalie spins around, wraps her arms around Jeremy's waist, and gives him a quick kiss on the lips.

Natalie: Do you see fine now?

Jeremy: Crystal clear.

Natalie: The Redskins were called for holding five times in the game.

Jeremy: Not enough times, in my opinion.

Jeremy wraps his arms around Natalie and the two share a longer kiss.

Natalie: And the Eagles had two illegal use of hands penalties.

She slides her hands down and squeezes his buttocks.

Jeremy: I love football.

Jeremy and Natalie start kissing passionately and their hands start caressing each other's body.

Dan walks in the room.

Natalie: Dan!

Jeremy and Natalie break their embrace. Natalie hands Jeremy's glasses over to him, and Jeremy quickly puts them on.

Jeremy: (points to the screen) And I'm sure we can fit Deion in there somewhere!

Dan: (confused) Deion?

Natalie: (flustered) Yes, Dan. Deion. Deion Sanders lost a shoe.

Dan: Deion Sanders lost a shoe.

Natalie: Yes he did.

Dan: This would be while playing football.

Natalie: Yes it would. (rewinds tape) There. There it is.

Dan: Hmmm.

Jeremy: You have to look really close.

Dan: I can see that. Have either of you seen my copy of USA Today?

Jeremy: No.

Natalie: Nope.

Dan: Okay. (turns to leave) Carry on.

Dan leaves the room.


We cut to Casey sitting at his desk. He is reading a newspaper. Dan walks into the office.

Dan: Is that my USA Today?

Casey: Yeah. (flips a page)

Dan: Where'd you get it?

Casey: Off your desk.

Dan: I checked there earlier.

Casey: It was there when I took it.

Dan: Can I see it?

Casey: Can you?

Dan: May I see it?

Casey: Sure. (hands a section to Dan)

Dan: Sports.

Casey takes the section back and hands Dan the Sports section.

Casey: Looking for the Rocker interview?

Dan takes a seat at his desk and starts flipping through the pages.

Dan: An article.

Casey: About Rocker?

Dan: No. (flips another page) There it is.

Casey: The article.

Dan: Am I anal retentive?

Casey: No.

Dan: This column says I am.

Casey: You personally?

Dan: Yes, they ran a column on Dan Rydell and his anal retentiveness.

Casey: Is that a word?

Dan: Has to be. They're professional journalists.

Casey: Who just happen to talk about your anal retentiveness in print.

Dan: Yes.

Casey: I thought you were looking for Rocker.

Dan: I wasn't.

Casey: How about dropping Rocker off the final sixty tonight?

Dan: And do it when?

Casey: Tomorrow night?

Dan: It will be too late tomorrow night.

Casey: Then let's move it up.

Dan: And drop something else.

Casey: Right.

Dan: Deion lost a shoe during his touchdown. We have to fit that in somewhere.

Casey: Okay.

Dan: What's up?

Casey: Nothing.

Dan: Casey.

Casey: I just need the final sixty.

Dan: For what?

Casey: I have a plan.

Dan: No.

Casey: Yes.

Dan: Does it involve me?

Casey: No.

Dan: Does it involve the show?

Casey: Yes.

Dan: That means it involves me.

Casey: No.

Dan: Don't do it.

Casey: Why?

Dan: Because your plans suck.

Natalie walks in.

Casey: No they don't.

Dan: Did you think it up?

Casey: Yes.

Dan: Then it sucks.

Natalie: What sucks?

Dan: Casey's plan.

Casey: Yes, I have a plan.

Natalie: By the way, rundown in five minutes guys.

Dan: I think I'll go now. (leaves the room)

Natalie: So.

Casey: So.

Natalie: What's the plan?

Casey: I need the final sixty tonight.

Natalie: That's the plan?

Casey: Yes.

Natalie: You're doing something tonight?

Casey: Yes.

Natalie: Perfect.

Casey: Good.

Natalie: Did Dan say anything to you about me and Jeremy?

Casey: Recently? No. Why should he?

Natalie: No, I was just wondering.

Casey: About?

Natalie: Did he mention anything about Deion losing a shoe during his interception return for a touchdown?

Casey: He said we need to fit it in tonight.

Natalie: Is that all?

Casey: Did he lose a sock, too?

Natalie: No.

Casey: Is that all?

Natalie: That's the story.

Casey: Okay.

Natalie: Okay.

They walk out of the office together.


We move forward to right before the rundown meeting. Dan, Jeremy, Kim, and Elliott are the only ones in the conference room. Jeremy has his tarot cards lying out on the table.

Jeremy: A red-haired divorced woman figures in your past.

Dan looks on in amazement.

Dan: You mean my future.

Jeremy: I see pain, and a possible injury.

Dan: To me?

Jeremy: Yes.

Dan: What kind of injury? What kind of pain?

Jeremy: It doesn't say.

Dan: Oh, whatever. (pause) Does anybody know what's romantic?

Kim: Here we go again.

Natalie and Casey enter the room and Natalie sees the tarot cards on the table.

Natalie: I thought I told you to throw those out.

Casey: Hey, Jeremy can you lay out the cards for me?

Natalie: Jeremy is giving up the art of prognosticating.

Casey: Natalie, I'm not asking him to slaughter a chicken and toss the entrails over his shoulder. I'm just curious.

Natalie: Okay. I'm going to round up everybody else. (looks at Jeremy) Remember what I said. (leaves room)

Jeremy pulls the deck of cards together as Casey takes a seat next to him.

Jeremy: You're in luck Casey. This is my farewell performance. (puts the cards on the table) Shuffle these and cut the deck three times.

Casey picks up the deck and begins to shuffle.

Casey: So they won't tell me who will win the World Series?

Jeremy: No, they can give a general health, wealth, life, love, and happiness overview. Sporting events are a little out of their range.

After cutting the cards three times, Casey hands them over to Jeremy, and he begins to lay them out on the table.

Casey: So they won't be able to answer a specific question.

Jeremy: Ah, they might tell you about Dana, they might not. (finishes layout)

Casey: (smiles) Well, someone has been paying attention to more than the Ouija board. What does it tell me?

Jeremy points to a card.

Jeremy: This is the Empress. It usually signifies harvest.

Casey: Jeremy, I'm not a farmer.

Jeremy: Harvest as in bounty, material wealth but also spiritual wealth and generosity.

Casey: Starting to sound good.

Jeremy: It can also symbolize a woman.

Casey: Sounding better.

Jeremy checks a reference in his book.

Jeremy: Whoops, the card is upside down.

Casey: So turn it right side up.

Jeremy: No. An upside down gives the card a reverse meaning. This card now signifies a destructive force, a perversion of everything good.

Casey: So that's bad.

Jeremy: It's still good.

Casey: How is it good?

Jeremy: Because it's part of your past. It's an influence that is moving away. Now in your near future...

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