Primary, Secondary, Tertiary



Everyone, minus Casey and Isaac, is in the conference room. It is the middle of the 6 P.M. run-down.

Dana: Okay, how's the Mourning piece coming along?

There is a moment of silence.

Dana: Natalie!

Natalie looks up and refocuses on the meeting.

Natalie: Yo!

Dana: Mourning.

Natalie: Good evening.

Dana: No progress?

Natalie: Still trying to get some quotes from him.

Dana exhales deeply.

Dana: Make it happen. Does anybody know about Casey?

Dan: We've already talked about it. Remember?

Dana: Right.

Kim: I missed it.

Dana: That's right. You did.

Kim: At least I showed up.

Elliott: Five minutes late.

Dana: Focus, people. Focus.

Dan: Casey guaranteed me he will be here for the show tonight.

Dana: It would be nice to see him before the show starts.

Isaac enters the room.

Isaac: I apologize for being late everybody. I was taking the subway and there was a delay on the 4.

Kim: Hey, you voted.

Everyone turns around and notices the 'I Voted' sticker Isaac is wearing on the breast of his jacket.

Isaac: It's my civic duty.

Dana: I didn't vote today.

Jeremy: Why?

Dana: I'm not registered.

Jeremy and Isaac give a disappointed look to Dana.

Dana: What?

Jeremy: I voted today, and it was an honor to select the next leaders of the free world.

Will: They all sound the same to me.

Chris: Yeah, they say whatever it takes to get into office.

Elliott: And then they do whatever they want.

Isaac: Then vote them out.

Kim: It doesn't matter.

Isaac: I find it amazing that everyone has an opinion on how our government should be run, yet less than half of us even try to make a difference.


Casey limps into his office and takes a seat at his desk. He picks up the phone and dials out.

Casey: (on phone) Hey, Lisa. It's me. Everything's fine. (listens) I'll be fine. Can we still have dinner tonight? (listens) Okay. Great. I'll see you then. (hangs up the phone)

Dan walks into the office.

Dan: Hello, stranger.

Casey: Hey.

Dan examines how Casey is sitting, and he starts to relax.

Dan: Looks like good news.

Casey: The doc thinks its epididymitis.

Dan: Infection?

Casey: Yeah.

Dan: That's good. That's great news.

Dan sits at his desk.

Casey: He still wants to do an ultrasound just to make sure.

Dan: It would be wise.

Casey: He wants to make sure there are no tumors, masses, or any other signs of testicular cancer.

Dan: Number one cancer in men eighteen to thirty-five, Case.

Casey: I'm thirty-six.

Dan: Still doesn't make you exempt.

Casey: I know.

Dan: Welcome back, partner.

Casey: Glad to be back.

Dan looks down and notices something blinking on his phone.

Dan: Oooo. A message!

Dan picks up his phone, presses a few buttons, and listens.

After a few seconds, he hangs up the phone in disgust.

Casey: Working late again.

Dan: Again!

Elliott walks into the office.

Elliott: Casey. Great, you're back. You can reach Mourning at this number.

Elliott hands Casey a piece of paper.

Casey: Thanks Elliott.

Elliott: Everything okay with you?

Casey: Yeah, it will be. Thanks for asking.

Elliott: No problem.

Elliott leaves the office. Casey notices Dan starting at his phone.

Casey: Do something about it.

Dan: You want to have dinner tonight?

Casey: Ye... wait. I already pushed back dinner with Lisa already. I can't cancel now.

Dan: Yes, you can.

Casey: No, I can't.

Dan: Yes, you can.

Casey: It's the rules of etiquette.

Dan: What rules?

Casey: I can't cancel a dinner after I postponed or pushed it back. If I hadn't pushed dinner back, I would be able to cancel.

Dan: That's ridiculous.

Casey: That's the rule.

Dan: Not the rule. The fact you would follow that particular rule- that's ridiculous.

Casey: I'll see what I can do.

Dan: Give me a sec.

Dan picks up his phone and starts dialing.

Casey: Jo?

Dan: Yeah.

Dan listens to the phone ringing the other end.


Does Dan:

Hang up the phone before Jo answers.

Sets a dinner date with Jo