Dan is sitting at his desk. Jeremy walks in.

Jeremy: Hey, Dan. When Casey stops by, let him know I've left a note for him on his desk.

Dan concentrates on his computer.

Dan: He's already stopped by.

Jeremy looks at Casey's desk and notices the note still sitting where he placed it.

Jeremy: He stopped before I left the note.

Dan: Probably.

Jeremy: It's from Lisa.

Dan looks up.

Dan: What's it about?

Jeremy: Something urgent and he needs to call right away.

Dan: An emergency?

Jeremy: A Lisa emergency.

Dan: Well then, there's no worry.

Jeremy: Yeah. By the way, Elliott got a statement from Russell Coutts.

Dan: The America's Cup participant?

Jeremy: The America's Cup non-participant.

Dan: New Zealand still hasn't accepted their challenge?

Jeremy: Three months and counting.

Dan: Ah, controversy thrives in yachting.

Jeremy: It is alive and well.


Dana and Isaac are sitting in his office.

Dana: I can't believe you are taking J.J.'s side.

Isaac: He's brought up a valid point.

Dana: What exactly did he say?

Isaac: I'm not going to get into what he exactly said. The point is this: his message is correct.

Dana: We jumped on it too soon.

Isaac: Yes.

Dana: Do we have to apologize?

Isaac: No, just change the way you approach it.

Dana: Isaac. Do you want me to say he is innocent?

Isaac: Right now, according to the law, he is innocent.

Dana: Until proven guilty.

Isaac: Correct.

Dana: Is he guilty?

Isaac: That's not for us to decide. It's for the courts to decide.

Dana: We should have just presented the facts.

Isaac nods his head in agreement.

Dana: I'm going to have Marcus do the story.

Isaac: My thoughts exactly.

Dana: Dan and Casey both made comments on-air.

Isaac: Inappropriate comments. Let keep the objectivity, Dana.

Dana: I'll take care of it.


Natalie, Elliott, and Marcus are having a discussion in the newsroom.

Marcus pulls out some dollar bills from his pocket and hands them to Natalie.

Marcus: You won fair and square.

Natalie: Victory is mine.

Elliott: I can't believe you took Boston College and the points.

Marcus: I smelled an upset.

Natalie: I smelled a sucker.

Elliott: I'm smelling something going on.

Marcus takes a couple of sniffs in the air. He then leans over Natalie and takes a deep breath.

Marcus: You smell great. What's that scent?

Natalie: It's my perfume.

Marcus: Entre nous.

Elliott: Huh?

Natalie: You're right. It's 'Entre Nous.'

Marcus: It's very fitting.

Natalie: Thank you.

Elliott: I can leave if you two want to be alone.

Natalie and Marcus look at Elliott. Elliott throws his arms up in the air.

Elliott: What?

Jeremy and Dan join the group.

Jeremy: Hey, guys.

Marcus decides to introduce himself to Dan.

Marcus: Hi, I'm Marcus Young. (holds out his right hand)

Dan: I know.

Dan decides to shake his hand anyway and he instinctively puts out his right hand to shake it. Marcus and Dan both look down and see Dan's injured hand. They both pull back their hands and shake hands with their left hands.

Marcus: Good to finally meet you.

Dan: (serious) Yeah. Good to meet you.

Jeremy: You guys are sworn enemies.

Marcus: Huh?

Dan: (pulls his hand away) I knew it!

Natalie: What?

Elliott: Jeremy's right.

Jeremy: They shook hands with their left hands.

Natalie: Dan's injured.

Jeremy: It doesn't matter.

Natalie: Yes, it does.

Elliott: Uh, Natalie-

Natalie: (to Elliott) Quiet.

Dan: (to Marcus) I shall destroy you with all my might.

Jeremy: Shaking hands with your right hand is a form of greeting and act of welcoming. Shaking hands with your left hand means you are wishing future inequities upon another.

Natalie: That's ridiculous.

Jeremy: It's true.

Natalie: Dan couldn't shake hands with his right hand.

Elliott: It still doesn't-

Natalie turns and glares at Elliott.

Elliott: Right. Quiet.

Jeremy: Natalie, I am right on this.

Natalie: It isn't what they meant.

Dan: I think his intentions were pretty clear to me.

Natalie: Dan!

Marcus: I think I'll be heading off now.

Marcus starts to slide away from the group, but Natalie reaches over and grabs Marcus by the hand.

Natalie: Stay. (pulls Marcus over) This is stupid. He's just starting here.

Dan: From what I recall, Marcus started here over the summer.

Natalie: I mean here at 'Sports Night.'

Jeremy: He's been here for a little while, Natalie.

Natalie: Hey! Shame on all of you! Marcus came here to New York to help us out. He's been learning the ropes from me over the past couple of weeks because no one else even wants to attempt it.

Elliott: I tried-

Natalie looks at Elliott, and Elliott stops speaking.

Natalie: Remember when I first started here, Dan? Remember the first night on the air? You couldn't find your shoes and I couldn't keep my head out of the toilet. I was so nervous and scared, and I wanted to quit. I felt this show didn't need me. But you came by Dan, you Dan. And you calmed me down and you hugged me and told me that I was very much needed here. It was you Dan, who convinced me to stay and join this wonderful family at Sports Night...

As Natalie continues her rant, Jeremy glances down. He notices something happening. The mere thought of it happening didn't upset him, but now with it actually happening- he was filled with rage and jealousy. He couldn't believe what was happening right before his eyes. Instead of blowing like a volcano, Jeremy would do the smart thing. He would remain cool, and point out the obvious. The obvious sign of betrayal, or was it a sign of something else, or was it not a sign at all?

Natalie: ...and we need to welcome him-

Jeremy: Natalie.

Natalie: -for he is a part of our family, like it or not.

Jeremy: Natalie.

Natalie turns and faces Jeremy.

Natalie: What?

Jeremy: You're still holding his hand.

Everyone looks down and notices Natalie's hand clasping onto Marcus' hand. It is locked tightly, but it looks very fitting and comfortable.

Natalie lets go of Marcus' hand.

Natalie: Oh. Yeah. That. Well, we need to... we still need to welcome him here... and make him a part of our family.

There is silence.

Marcus: I think I need to work on some stuff. I gotta' be going now. I'll see everyone at the run-down.

Dan: Yeah, see ya'.

Natalie: You do that. You get ready for tonight's show.

Marcus walks off.

Elliott: Jeremy, I have something for you about the Avalanche.

Jeremy looks at Natalie.

Jeremy: Yeah, okay. (looks at Elliott) What do you have?

Jeremy and Elliott start to walk off.


Casey is standing outside of a door. He rings the doorbell a few times and looks around in both directions. Casey looks serious and upset. You can hear the door safety chain and locks being unlocked. The door opens up and Lisa stands in the doorway.

Lisa: Come on in.

Casey holds the door open and walks in to Lisa's home.

Casey: What's going on?

Lisa: He's up in his room. I've grounded him for a month.

Casey: Suspended? For three days?

Lisa: Yeah. I've sent the nanny home early.

Casey: What did he say?

Lisa: He says he's sorry, but that just isn't doing it.

Casey: Where is he?

Lisa: I said he's up in his room. I've taken away his Play Station and DVD player.

Casey starts to walk off toward the staircase.

Lisa: Casey?

Casey stops and turns around.

Casey: What?

Lisa points down at the floor and toward Casey.

Lisa: Shoes?

Casey looks down and notices he is wearing his shoes inside of Lisa's house.

Casey: Oh, yeah, right.

Casey takes his shoes off and sets them on a stand next to the door.


Charlie sits upright on his bed with his door closed. He's contemplating what has happened and looks visibly disappointed.

His bedroom is neat and organized. The posters of different athletes are hung on the wall in frames, and his bed is made. A single window is letting in the sunlight.

There is a knock on the door.


Charlie: (in a monotone) Hi, Dad.

The door opens up and Casey walks in. He closes it behind him. Casey walks over and sits on Charlie's bed. Casey turns and faces Charlie directly.

Casey: What happened?

Charlie: I got caught.

Casey: I need more than that.

Charlie: Do we have to talk about it right now?

Casey: Yes, right now, young man.

There are a few seconds of silence.

Charlie: Mrs. Geathers caught me cheating on my science test.

Casey: It isn't that simple. There's more than that for you to get suspended three days.

Charlie: We had borrowed-

Casey glares at Charlie.

Charlie: -stolen... we had stolen a copy of the test.

Casey: Who else was involved in this?

Charlie sits quietly.

Casey: Well?

Charlie: Some of them had taken a few dollars from her purse.

Casey: Charlie!

Charlie: It wasn't me, Dad!

Casey: You know better!

Charlie: I know.

Casey: And you're an 'A' student! Why would you do something as stupid as this? Why? Tell me why, Charlie?

Charlie shrugs his shoulders.

Charlie: I don't know.

Casey gets up looking frustrated.

Casey: Do you realize this goes on your permanent record?

Charlie: I'm sorry.

Casey: What's wrong with you?

Charlie starts to cry.

Charlie: I'm sorry, Dad. I'm sorry. I'm sorry I stole those tests.

Casey: Tests?

Charlie mumbles something.

Casey: What was that?

Charlie: We did it a few times.

Casey: How many times?

Charlie: Six.

Casey: Charlie!

Casey is infuriated. He balls up both of his fists, closes his eyes, and bites his lower lip.

Charlie: I'm really sorry, Dad. I deserve my punishment.

Casey takes a deep breath, and his anger tones down a little bit.

Casey: Who else was in on it?

Charlie doesn't say anything.

Casey: Charlie, who else helped you steal this stuff?

Charlie: No, Dad.

Casey: I'm telling you to tell me right now, mister.

Charlie: I can't.

Casey: Why not?

Charlie: Because.

Casey: You'll be grounded until you come clean.

Charlie: That's fine.

Casey: Charlie, you disappoint me. There was a time when I thought I would never say that, but I am saying it now. I am very disappointed in you.

Charlie starts to cry harder and Casey turns to leave.

Charlie: (sobbing) I can't, Dad. I'm sorry.

Casey opens the door and turns to look at Charlie.

Charlie: I can take the punishment. I can take responsibility for what I did. But I'm not a snitch, Dad. I'm not a snitch.

Casey nods his head and leaves, closing the door behind him.

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