Two Steps Forward, One Step Back



Dan and Casey are working in their office. Dan keeps staring awkwardly at the screen on his laptop. Something is amiss.

Dan: Casey.

Casey: Yeah?

Dan: Are you having problems with your computer today?

Casey: No.

Dan: Are you sure?

Casey: Am I sure my computer is working properly? Yes.

Dan: Oh.

Casey: Are you having problems today?

Dan scratches his head.

Dan: No. (gets up from his desk) I have to get something anyway.

Dan starts to leave.

Casey: What?

Dan: What?

Casey: What do you need to get?

Dan: Something.

Casey: Call tech support.

Dan: Nothing's wrong with my computer.

Casey: Okay.

Dan walks into the newsroom, and he crosses paths with Natalie.

Natalie is carrying a memo as she walks into the office.

Natalie: Casey, we got confirmation that Luyendyke is being traded from the Senators to the Red Wings for Brassier.

Natalie hands the memo to Casey.

Natalie: Also, Freeman from Purdue is declaring for the draft, while Edwards from Miami is staying for his senior season.

Casey: Florida or Ohio?

Natalie: On what?

Casey: Which Edwards?

Natalie: Edwards of Miami, Florida. The Hurricanes.

Casey: Good.

Natalie: Edwards of Miami of Ohio is only a sophomore.

Casey: Okay.

Natalie: He'll only be a junior this fall.

Casey: If he keeps up his GPA.

Natalie: I'm just saying that because I originally said Edwards was staying for his senior season.

Casey: Huh?

Natalie: The Hurricanes' Edwards is a junior, so he'll be a senior this fall-

Casey: Okay, Natalie. I get it. I should have been paying better attention.

Natalie: No problem.

Casey goes back to work, but Natalie continues to stand in front of his desk.

Casey stops and looks toward Natalie.

Casey: We're not done, yet.

Natalie: Nope.

Casey leans back in his chair.

Casey: What else?

Natalie: You tell me.

A frustrated Casey throws his arms out to his sides.

Casey: I have no idea what you are referring to Natalie. If you would give me a clue-

Natalie: How's it going with you and Dana?

Casey smiles, gets up, goes over to his bookshelf, and pulls out a book.

Casey: There's nothing going on with me and Dana.

Natalie: So are you okay with the whole Dana thing?

Casey: What Dana thing?

Natalie: The Dana has a boyfriend thing.

Casey: Why wouldn't I be okay with it?

Natalie: Cause you didn't seem okay with it a little while ago.

Casey: Who Dana sees in her free time is non of my concern. She wants to move on with her life and that's her choice. If she wants to pose nude in a-

Natalie: She doesn't.

Casey: I know she doesn't want to pose nude. I'm just saying Dana is doing things with her own life.

Natalie: Are you okay with this Casey?

Casey: Why do you and everybody else keep asking me that?

Natalie: Because you're still secretly in love with Dana.

Casey: I am not secretly in love with Dana.

Natalie: Yes, you are. You're just too proud to admit it, or do anything about it.

Casey: Natalie, I am not secretly in love with Dana. At one time, yes, I was very much in love with Dana. But it was clear that she didn't want a relationship with me. I've moved on with my life and it looks like Dana's done the same.

Casey sits down on the couch and opens the book. He starts to read a passage.

Natalie: It's not too late, Casey.

Casey: It's not too late for what, Nat?

Natalie: To tell her.

Casey: There's nothing left to be said.

Natalie: Yes, there is Casey. There always is. Dana loves you- I know she does. She's just scared.

Casey: She's moved on with her life.

Natalie: Dana doesn't love Kevin the way she loves you. She's only known Kevin a few weeks, she's known you half her life. The bell hasn't rung yet Casey. What you need is a plan.

Casey: I had a plan.

Natalie: Showing up and seeing what happens isn't a plan.

Casey: Worked for Napoleon.

Natalie: Dude, no, it didn't.

Casey returns his attention to his book.

Casey: I'm trying to read here, Natalie.

Natalie: No, you're not.

Casey: What do you mean? I'm sitting here on my couch. I have a book in my hand, and it is open. Look, Natalie... (starts to read the book) I am reading. I am absorbing information.

Natalie: Casey.

Casey: What?

Natalie: The book is upside down.

Casey looks down and conjures up a look of embarrassment when he realizes his gaffe. He closes the book.

Casey: Look, Natalie. We're just friends. Dana wants us to be just friends. Dana is seeing somebody. I'm not going to interfere with that.

Natalie: Aren't you seeing somebody, Casey?

Casey's face draws a blank expression when he realizes he is "technically" still seeing his ex-wife, Lisa.

Casey: I don't want to hurt Dana.

Natalie: If you have the right plan, you won't hurt her, Casey.

Casey takes a deep breath as Natalie sits next to Casey on the couch.

Casey: It's scary, Natalie. I don't know how I got into this mess with Lisa. I need to get out. I'm scared and I'm afraid of losing everything. I'm scared of hurting Dana again. I'm scared of how I feel about her. I'm scared of losing her. In all my life, I have never loved anyone half as much as I have loved her. All I want is for her to be happy. And if Kevin makes her happy...

Natalie: Stop it. Stop it right now Casey. This thing with Kevin is only temporary. Dana needed someone to take away her pain. She didn't think she could come to you, so she turned to Kevin. He got her through this because she didn't think anyone else could.

Casey: If... if she needs me the way you say she does, then why couldn't she come to me? Did things change between us that much? Why did she go to somebody else?

Natalie: Why did you go to somebody else, Casey?

Casey realizes the questions he has for Dana are the questions he needed to be asking himself.

Casey: What do you want me to do, Natalie?

Natalie stands up, gets in front of Casey, and grabs both of his hands.

Natalie: Be a man, Casey.

Casey: What?

Natalie: Stop hiding and be a man. Stand up for yourself and go after what you really want. Go after what you deserve.


Jeremy and Kim are in the editing room. They are working on a tape.

Kim: I think you should go with the dunk, then the student section going crazy, and finally cut to the steal and lay-up.

Jeremy: That will work.

Jeremy manipulates the machine and splices the highlight tape.

Dan opens the door and walks into the room.

Dan: Here you are.

Kim: Hey, Dan.

Jeremy: Hey, Dan.

Dan: I need you to fix something for me, Jeremy.

Kim: Hey, Dan.

Dan: Oh, hey, Kim.

Jeremy finishes the tape, pops it out, and hands it to Kim. Kim starts to leave and passes Dan.

Kim: Somebody actually paid over nine-hundred dollars to go on a date with you?

Dan smiles.

Dan: Yeah.

Kim: Was it a wise investment?

The smile disappears from Dan's face.

Dan: Uh, the returns have yet to be cashed in.

Kim: Or is the stock just dropping?

Dan: Are you trying to say something, Kim?

Kim: I'm just suggesting not just as a woman, but also as a friend... you are looking like a jerk.

Dan: That statement wasn't meant to be nice.

Kim: A woman spends a ridiculous amount of money to go out with you and you don't even have the courtesy to be a gentleman and spend some time with her.

Dan: I've been busy.

Kim rolls her eyes and leaves the room. Dan turns his attention toward Jeremy.

Dan: Jeremy, I need you to fix my computer. It's been running really slow today.

Jeremy: Did you try shutting down some applications?

Dan: Yeah.

Jeremy: Did you try rebooting?

Dan: Yeah.

Jeremy: Did you try calling tech support?

Dan: No.

Jeremy: Call tech support.

Dan: But Jeremy, you do such a vastly superior job with my laptop. I think it has a certain amount of affection for you.

Jeremy waves off Dan.

Jeremy: Call tech support.

Jeremy starts to leave the room.

Dan: Jeremy.

Jeremy opens the door.

Jeremy: Yes, Dan?

Dan: You're not that busy today.

Jeremy: I don't want to play this game Dan- call her. Call JoAnne and have her fix your computer.

Dan: Call her. Why should I call her?

It's Jeremy's turn to roll his eyes at Dan.

Jeremy: First of all, your computer is not working properly. Second, because she wants to talk to you and you want to talk to her. Dan, really, I have work to do.

Dan takes the hint and nods his head in agreement.

Dan: You know, my laptop doesn't have that many feelings for you.

Jeremy smiles as he exits.


Dana and her brother, Kyle, are walking down the hallway of a building. Both are dressed very professionally.

Kyle: This is it.

Dana: This hearing should be a mere formality.

Kyle: No, it's not.

Dana: Okay, it's not- but you are prepared, Kyle. You shouldn't have anything to worry about. The hearing is going to go fine.

Kyle: I hope so.

Dana: Natalie did a beautiful job of producing your side of the story yesterday. You admitted your mistakes and how you have tried to resolve those issues. You showed everyone you are not willing to quit because you made a mistake. You shouldn't have to stop now.

Kyle: My career is in the hands of a few men.

Dana: Granted, it is a scary situation, but you have to be strong. If you come across as if you are hiding something, then they may not reinstate you. If you come across as being remorseful and a better man, then you should not have any problems.

Kyle: I know... I know, sis. It's still frightening.

They reach the outside of a door, the entrance into the hearing room. The door opens and a gentleman steps out.

Kyle: Preston Miles, sir. Good afternoon. Kyle Whitaker.

Kyle reaches out and shakes Preston's hand.

Preston Miles: Good afternoon, Kyle. (looks over to Dana) Good afternoon, miss. Excuse me, but are you Dana Whitaker of CSC?

Dana: Good afternoon, Mr. Miles. Yes, I am Dana Whitaker.

Dana and Preston shake hands.

Preston Miles: It's good to finally meet you. (turns back to Kyle) I hate to rush you, Kyle, but our schedule is tight today. So if you don't mind...

Preston opens the door and motions Kyle to enter.

Kyle: Sure, no problem.

Kyle enters the room and Preston follows behind, closing the door behind him.

Dana clasps her hands, holds them right in front of her chin, and has a quick prayer.

Dana: Good luck, Kyle.


Dan is sitting and working at Casey's desk, when Isaac walks in.

Isaac: Computer working okay today, Daniel?

Dan doesn't look up from Casey's computer.

Dan: It's great.

Isaac: Good. I'd hate to still have it broken.

Dan looks up at Isaac.

Dan: I don't need to have my computer broken to have to go out with a woman.

Isaac: I didn't say you did.

Dan: Good.

Dan resumes working on Casey's laptop and Isaac walks over and stands in front of Casey's desk.

Isaac: I was speaking with Richard Stephenson earlier today-

Dan: Who's Richard Stephenson?

Isaac: Richard Stephenson is the assistant director of personnel with CSC, and he was inquiring me about you today.

Dan stops typing.

Dan: If it's about the situation involving the absence of my own personal secretary- tell him there are no hard feelings.

Isaac: This has nothing to do with you wanting a secretary.

Dan: Then he isn't aware of my situation.

Isaac: There is no situation. Does there look like there is a situation? The only situation I see here is the fact that it appears you and Casey only need one desk to do your work.

Dan: Okay, there isn't a situation.

Isaac: Good.

Dan: But could you let him know that there is a future possibility-

Isaac: Daniel.

Dan leans back in Casey's chair and takes Isaac's hint to drop the subject.

Isaac: As I was saying, I was talking with Richard Stephenson, CSC's assistant director of personnel, and he informed me you have not replied to the contract offer presented to you a few weeks ago.

Dan: That is correct.

Isaac: Is there a hold up of which I should be made aware?

Dan: I'm still contemplating the offer.

Isaac: Is it a fair offer?

Dan: It's a generous offer.

Isaac: I asked if it is a fair offer.

Dan thinks about it for a moment.

Dan: It's a fair offer only if I am teamed up with Casey.

Isaac: Your contract says you will not be paired with Casey?

Dan: My contract says nothing about Casey. In fact, Casey hasn't even been negotiating with Quo Vadimus, much less having to ponder an offer presented to him.

Isaac: And this is causing the hold up in your response?

Dan: If Casey stays, I stay. If Casey goes elsewhere, I will likely follow him.

Isaac places both hands on the desk and leans over to Dan.

Isaac: What if they withdraw their offer, and negotiate with Casey and only with Casey?

Dan: Did you hear something?

Isaac: I am just merely suggesting you should give them an answer. They are trying to keep together this team, and they don't need these kind of childish games to prevent them from doing so.

Dan: So you are saying I should sign?

Isaac: I am saying you should give them an answer. It's Friday, so they'll be leaving at 4. You may want to give them an answer today or first thing Monday.

Dan folds his hands and nods in agreement.


Dana is sitting at her desk, not focused particularly on anything. There is a knock on the door.

Dana: Come in.

The door opens and Casey walks in.

Dana: Casey, come on in. Sit down.

Casey pulls up a chair in front of the desk and sits down.

Casey: Dana, I need you to do me a big favor.

Dana: I'm not moving up the gymnastics segment.

Casey: It's not that. I need you to give me and Dan the day off tomorrow.

Dana: The day off tomorrow. Saturday?

Casey: Yes.

Dana shakes her head in disbelief.

Dana: Casey-

Casey: Tomorrow night. Give us tomorrow night.

Dana looks at Casey inquisitively.

Dana: You two have a big date?

Casey: No, it's not a date. It's something big. It's something important.

Dana: I need a better reason than big and important.

Casey: Please, Dana. I understand it's short notice-

Dana: You bet it is.

Casey: -but it is really important that we have tomorrow night off.

Dana sits and thinks it out while Casey sits there hopelessly begging.

Dana: Casey, under two conditions-

Casey: Thank you!

Dana: Hey, hey, hey there. I haven't given you clearance, yet. You have to fulfill two conditions.

Casey: Okay. What are they?

Dana: One- you need to find substitute anchors for tomorrow night.

Casey: Not a problem. Marcus owes me a favor anyway-

Dana: And two. Don't forget about the second condition.

Casey: What is it?

Dana: You have to tell me what Natalie has been feeding you.

Casey: Bagels and donuts. All those starchy, sweet food products-

Dana: I'm talking about propaganda. I'm talking about information. I'm talking about you and me.

Casey: What about us?

Dana: What has Natalie been telling you?

Casey: What has she been telling you?

Dana: The second condition Casey. What has Natalie been telling you?

Casey takes a deep breath.

Casey: She says that it is not serious between you and Kevin. She is suggesting you and me-

Dana stands up and shakes her head and finger at Casey.

Dana: Nuh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh, Casey. Kevin and I are dating. Did you see that return he had against the Eagles? He's planning on taking me to Honolulu in four weeks. This...

Dana points at Casey, then at herself.

Dana: Us... this is not going to happen again.

Casey: Okay.

Dana: That's right, okay. It is not going to happen. (sounds confused) Wait. Okay?

Casey: Yes, okay. I told Natalie that you have been seeing Kevin and that you and I are remaining friends.

Dana: Oh. Well, then you and Dan can have the evening off.

Casey: Thanks. I'll have the two replacements by tonight's show.

Dana: Oh. Yeah. Great. Good. You make sure that happens. You and Dan have fun.

Casey gets up from the chair.

Casey: Thanks, Dana.

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