Notes From the Past



Casey is hunkered over his laptop and eagerly reading the contents on the screen. Dan walks in completely unnoticed. Dan takes a seat on the couch and looks at Casey.

Dan: Casey, this has got to stop.

Casey holds his index finger up, letting Dan know to "hold on for a minute."

Dan: You've got to stop reading that. You act like it is reality.

Casey spends a few more seconds reading before acknowledging Dan's statement.

Casey: It is so mesmerizing. It is the amazing internet, and these people write stories about you and me and they involve various staff.

Dan: Casey, those are fans of the show writing stories- fictitious stories- about our lives. They know nothing of how we are in real life.

Casey: Okay. Okay. Okay. But listen to this storyline.

Dan rolls his eyes, gets up, and starts to leave.

Casey: This one site has us being best friends off-air. It has you romancing an associate producer.

Dan stops and turns back toward Casey.

Dan: What?

Casey: It's actually pretty good. It's fairly accurate, but there are some things that are different.

Dan: How so?

Casey: Okay, listen to this. This site has the senior associate producer and an associate producer involved in a relationship.

Dan: Natalie and Jeremy.

Casey's eyes light up and he points at Dan.

Casey: Exactly. It even has me having feelings for the producer of the show.

Dan: Dana.

Casey: Yes!

Dan starts to show some interest and he walks over and starts to read over Casey's shoulder.

Dan: Let me see this. What else do they have?

Dan peers into the monitor.

Casey: Now, get this. The senior associate producer gets pregnant. It's the associate producer's baby.

Dan: The two who are having the relationship?

Casey: Yes.

Dan: What does it say about me?

Casey: No- you see. They are portraying Natalie and Jeremy. Dana and me.

Dan: Wait. So in this storyline, the person playing the part of Natalie would be pregnant?

Casey: Yes.

Dan smiles.

Dan: Natalie pregnant with Jeremy's child. That's something to see.

The sound of a tape can be hitting the floor in the office. Dan and Casey look up and see a stunned Jeremy standing in the doorway. Jeremy tries to talk, but he can only move his mouth without making a sound.

Dan: You okay, Jeremy?

Dan walks over to Jeremy, and Jeremy stumbles in and uses Dan as a crutch.

Dan: Whoa. Let's get you down here.

Dan helps Jeremy to the couch, while Casey grabs an unopened bottle of water and goes over to help Jeremy.

Jeremy: I... uh... uh... ah...

Casey: You don't look good, Jer. You need some water to drink?

Jeremy takes the bottle from Casey's hand and holds it. Dan takes the bottle from Jeremy, removes the cap, and places it back in Jeremy's hand.

Jeremy: Oh man. (takes a sip) Natalie.

Dan: What about her?

Jeremy looks at Dan then at Casey.

Jeremy: The baby. You just said... Natalie's.... baby.... my baby... oh my god.

Jeremy starts to chug the water.

Dan: Whoa, there buddy. Take it easy. You need a stronger drink, unless you are trying to drown yourself.

Jeremy puts the bottle down.

Jeremy: You don't understand. I'm not ready for children. There will be a time when I am ready, but now is not the time. Well, now has to be time. I need to be there for my child and for my Natalie. It's... it's... how did you guys find out?

Dan and Casey each take a step back.

Dan: Oh, that.

Casey: What we were just talking about?

Jeremy: Of course.

"Guys, there's a breaking story out from Houston."

Natalie walks into the office. Jeremy jumps up and give her a big hug. After they release, Jeremy places his hand on her stomach.

Jeremy: You do not have to worry, Natalie. I'm going to help take care of our family.

Natalie: What the hell are you talking about?

Jeremy: Dan and Casey told me.

Natalie: What the hell are you talking about? (to Casey and Dan) What the hell is he talking about?

Dan: Your baby.

Casey makes a motion with his hand, signaling a pregnant-shaped stomach.

Natalie: What ?! (to Jeremy) Sweetie, I don't know what stories these two have been filling in your head, but I assure you that I am not pregnant.

Jeremy takes his hands off Natalie.

Jeremy: Are you sure?

Natalie: You want me to pee to prove it?

Dan: That is not necessary.

Jeremy: Then what-

Casey: It's called "fan fiction," Jeremy. Different people are writing stories about the people of "Sports Night."

Jeremy shakes his head.

Jeremy: What?

Dan: It was a story, Jeremy. Not real. Imaginary. Something people wrote. (twists his head) Written. Have written?

Jeremy: I heard you.

Casey: I was pointing out the similarities of the stories.

Natalie: I'm not pregnant.

Dan: We know that.

Jeremy looks at Dan and Casey awkwardly.

Dan: Casey was telling me of some of the storylines in these stories.

Casey: They imply about me and Dana.

Natalie: That's nice. Anyway, guys. I came by to tell you we may need to make some room for a report coming from the Texans camp. It's an update on the progress of their new stadium.

Casey: Okay.

Dan: Okay.

Natalie: Good. Oh, and Dan, Isaac wants to see us in his office.

Dan: By in his office, you mean-

Natalie: You, me, and Dana. And Isaac.

Dan: Oh-kay.

Natalie: Don't worry. I think it is good news.

Natalie leaves.

Jeremy: So this was all a gross misunderstanding?

Dan: Correct.

Jeremy: Well, I'll let you go back to your work... and oh, by the way, I brought the tape of last night's show.

Casey: Appreciate it.

Dan and Casey go back to work as Jeremy starts to leave. Jeremy turns around in the doorway and offers his parting shots.

Jeremy: You know guys. There are more stories about you two on the net. They are called slash stories- Dan/Casey stories. You both will like them.

Casey: Get me the addresses, could you Jeremy?

Jeremy: Not a problem. In fact, I'll sign you both up to receive all these stories in your e-mail.

Dan: That would be great.

Jeremy smiles.

Jeremy: Like I said, not a problem.

Jeremy leaves the office as Dan and Casey go back to work.


Isaac is on the phone in his office. Dana is sitting on the other side of his desk.

Isaac: (on phone) Yes, I'm having Jeremy work on it. He'll be out there a little bit later. Good day. (hangs up phone)

Dana: Jeremy's still going out to interview Antonio Mitchell today?

Isaac: He'll catch a charter to Boston and interview him after his game tonight.

The door opens up and Natalie and Dan enter the office.

Natalie: We're here Isaac. What's up?

Natalie sits in a chair next to Dana as Dan pulls a chair up to Isaac's desk and takes a seat.

Isaac: The reason I've brought you three in here today is to let you know-

Natalie: We've been nominated.

Dana: Natalie, let Isaac finish his sentence. But that is a good question- have we been nominated?

Dan: For what?

Isaac: Let me finish and I'll tell you.

Natalie: See! (jumps from her seat)

Isaac: Hold on. Hold on, Natalie. Sit down for a minute.

Dan leans forward in his chair.

Dan: But we've been nominated, haven't we?

Isaac sits patiently.

Dan: Haven't we?

Isaac stares at the three.

Dana: Isaac?

Isaac: Are you three ready to hear why you've been brought in here today.

Natalie sits back down while the three all nod their heads.

Isaac: Good. Earlier today, the American Association of Reporters, Organizations, and Networks-

Natalie: We-

Natalie tries to jump up, but Dan pulls her back to her seat and Dana places her hand over Natalie's mouth.

Isaac: -announced their nominations today. And...

The three lean forward in anticipation.

Isaac: three have been nominated.

Natalie: Yeah!

All three jump from their chairs, as Dan pumps his fists into the air and Natalie and Dana hug each other while jumping up and down.

Isaac: Congratulations.

Isaac stands up, comes around his desk, shakes Dan's hand, and gives pats on the back to Dana and Natalie.

Dan: That's great, Isaac. What are we being nominated for?

Isaac: Well, "Sports Night" received three nominations, and CSC received six nominations. Dan, you've been nominated in the "Best Sports Anchor" category.

Dan: Great.

Natalie: Me! Me! Me!

Isaac: Natalie, you've been nominated for your featured piece on sports gambling in colleges.

Natalie: "Gambling Away Futures!" Yeah! My piece has been nominated!

Isaac: And Dana. (puts his arm around Dana's shoulders) You've been nominated not once, but twice.

Dana: Oh...

Dana sits down and tears of joy build up in her eyes.

Isaac: You've been nominated for your piece on Stephen Thompson, the guy who came back from his near-fatal car crash to excel at Virginia, and you've been nominated as "Best Producer" for the "Summer Games Update."

Dana: Oh my god.

Dana starts sobbing as Dan, Natalie, and Isaac gather around her.

Dana: YES!!!!

Dana startles everybody as she screams in exuberance and jumps from her chair.

Dana: Do you know what this means? Do you? Oh my god! This means respect and admiration from our peers! This is so wonderful! Isaac, remember when you took a chance on me? Remember, Isaac? You said 'this day will come!' And it has finally come, Isaac! It has finally come!

Dana bursts out of the office. Dan, Isaac, and Natalie stand still for a moment.

Natalie: She's not going to tell everyone else before me!

Natalie runs out the door. Isaac shakes his head as Dan laughs.


Jeremy is in the editing room with Kim and Elliott. Kim is at the editing machine with Jeremy standing behind her, while Elliott is on the telephone and taking notes.

Jeremy: So, I've been able to trace the key to Boston.

Kim: You what?

Jeremy: The safe deposit box is in Boston.

Kim: How in the world did you trace it to a box in Boston?

Elliott flips the phone down while he is on hold.

Elliott: He called his mother.

Kim: You called your mother?

Jeremy stands there realizing his brilliant detective work was nothing more than placing a telephone call to his mother. His plan has been foiled.

Jeremy: Yes, I called my mother. But now the question is: when can I get to Boston?

Unintelligible yelling and euphoria can be heard coming from the set. Kim, Elliott, and Jeremy turn around to see what all the commotion is all about. Jeremy leaves the room to investigate further. He walks through the set and goes into the newsroom where he finds Natalie and Dana celebrating and congratulating anyone, everyone, and everything.

Jeremy walks up to Chris and Will.

Jeremy: What's going on here?

Chris: They've been nominated.

Will: We've been nominated.

Jeremy: For what?

Chris: We can't tell. They keep yelling over each other.

Will: It's quite a show they're putting on.

Natalie jumps on a desk and does some animated celebrating. Jeremy walks over and she jumps into his arms.

Jeremy: Let me be the first to congratulate you.

Natalie: Thank you.

Natalie kisses Jeremy on the cheek, then whispers in his ear.

Natalie: (whispering) I'm all fired up. Are you ready?

Jeremy: Ready for what?

Natalie: (whispering) You know... ready ready.

Jeremy: Oh... that. I guess I'm ready.

Natalie: What do you mean 'I guess'?

Jeremy: I mean 'lead the way.'

Natalie: That's more like it.

Natalie takes Jeremy's hand and leads him through the newsroom. Just as they reach the exit, Isaac bumps into them.

Isaac: Oh, Jeremy. I'm glad I bumped into you.

Natalie: I'll meet you later.

Natalie lets go of Jeremy and heads off down the hall.

Isaac: We've got a change in plans on your Mitchell story.

Jeremy looks over Isaac's shoulder to see where Natalie is going.

Isaac: Are you preoccupied with something?

Jeremy: No. No, sir. Not at all. There's a change in plans.

Isaac: Mitchell got hurt earlier today and he will not be traveling with the team to New York. You and Ted are going to have to fly up to Boston today.

Jeremy: Okay. Fly up to Boston today. Got it.

Isaac: Great. Human resources has your tickets lined up. It's best you organize your day. You'll be flying in and flying back tonight.

Jeremy: Okay.

Isaac starts to walk away from Jeremy.

Jeremy: Wait! You said Boston?

Isaac turns around.

Isaac: Yes, I did. Were you listening to me?

Jeremy: Yes.

Isaac: Is there a problem with that?

Jeremy: No, not at all. In fact, there is something I need to attend to in Boston.

Isaac: Your time's limited, Jeremy.

Jeremy: Yes, I realize that. I'll get right on with organizing my day.

Jeremy goes back into the newsroom.

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