Walk a Mile in My Shoes
(Casey's Perspective)




Casey is walking through the newsroom, when he sees Dana walking by. Dana is wearing her winter coat and has a big smile on her face.

Whoa. Dana. She's happy.

Casey: Hey Dana.

Dana: Good morning to you to Casey.

Casey: You're in a good mood today.

Too good.

Dana: Yep.

Dana continues to walk toward her office, while Casey decides to change his original course and follow Dana.

Something's up with her.

Dana greets several staffers, assistants, and producers along the way.

Dana: Good morning, gentleman.

Dave: Good morning, Dana.

Will: Morning Dana.

Dana: Good morning, Kim. Good job on last night's feature.

Kim: Thanks, Dana. Here's a copy of last night's show. Hey, Casey.

Kim hands Dana a tape.

Dana: Thanks, Kim.

Casey: Hey, Kim.

She's in a way too good of a mood today.

Dana: Good morning, Natalie and Jeremy. How are you two doing?

Natalie: Doing great.

Jeremy: Ditto.

Something's definitely up and I can venture a guess to what it is.

Casey: Hey, Kevin comes back today, doesn't he?

Dana: Actually, he came back last night.


Casey: Dana.

Isaac walks by the two.

Isaac: Good morning you two. Dana, don't forget about coming up with some ideas.

Dana: I haven't forgotten.


Isaac: And Casey, stop stalking Dana.

Stop Casey.

Casey takes a step back.

Casey: I'm not stalking her.

Go after her. Something's not right.

Dana and Casey walk into her office.

Casey: So he just showed up at your doorstep.

Dana: Yes.

Casey: Without any warning?

Dana: Yes.

What a bum. Completely unannounced. I would be ticked off over that.

Dana sets the tape on her desk, then hangs her coat up.

Casey: Was he waiting outside or did he let himself in?

Dana: He was outside.

Casey: Too much of a gentleman to just waltz on inside?

Dana: How would he get in Casey? It's not like I gave him a key.

Casey: He doesn't have a key?

Dana: No, Casey.

He doesn't have a key! Good, Dana.

Dana sits behind her desk.

Casey: Well, what if you had a guest with you?

Dana: But I didn't.

Casey: Guess he lucked out.

Dana: What's that supposed to mean?


Casey: Nothing.

What is that supposed to mean, Casey?

Dana looks down at her desk at her messages, prepared notes, and schedule.

Casey: Anyway, Dan wanted me to remind you about the photo shoot tomorrow. The network is really promoting our nominees this year. Also, my neighbors are really noisy when I am home. Plus, we have a Pac-10 game tonight, which means high-scoring, which means we won't be starting on-time tonight.

Casey looks at Dana reviewing her notes.

Please look at me when I'm talking to you.

Casey: You didn't hear a word I said.

Dana: Yes, I did.

Casey: No, you didn't.

Dana: Casey, you were talking about the photo shoot, which I have marked right here on the calendar, you talked about your noisy neighbors- probably because they are having sex and you're not- and you reminded me about the probability of tonight's game running long. Did I miss anything?

Casey stands in shock and blinks his eyes.

Damn, she is good. She is really good.

Casey: No, nothing.

Dana: Are you all right?

Casey: Yeah, I'm fine.

No, I'm not.

Dana: Are you sure?

Work. Work. Use work.

Casey: Yes, Dana, I'm sure. Look, I gotta' get back to work.

Dana: Okay, I'll see you later.

Casey leaves her office and closes the door behind him.

Damn it. She had a good time.

Casey heads toward his office, when he runs into Natalie.

Natalie: Casey! What's up?


Casey: Nothing, Natalie.

Natalie: Are you going to tell me, or am I going to have to find out from Dana?

She'll twist your arm, better fess up.

Casey: There's nothing to report other than Kevin is just so perfect.

Natalie: Hang in there, Casey. I'll take care of it.

Natalie jogs toward Dana's office.

Right. Wait! Where is she going?!

Casey: Natalie. Natalie!


Casey goes into his office.

As he walks over to his desk, he looks down at the phone and sees a message has been left. He checks the caller I.D.

My agent called.

Casey picks up the phone, pushes a few buttons, and listens to the message.

There's a contract offer? Call him back this afternoon?

Casey puts the phone down.

Casey: Is it here or elsewhere?

Casey sits down and thinks about the possibility of a new contract.

He sounded good. He sounded excited. That's good news. A new contract.

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