Walk a Mile in My Shoes
(Dan's Perspective)




Dan is standing next to JoAnne, while she is trying to fix the broken copy machine.

Dan: You can fix this thing?

JoAnne: Yes. Don't forget that I'm brilliant.

Dan: It isn't that I doubt your abilities in fixing the copy machine. I just thought somebody else would be fixing it.

I didn't think you would be fixing this.

JoAnne: Afraid I might do too good of a job, cutie?

Dan: No, it's not that. It's just looks menial.

Wrong word, Danny.

JoAnne: Are you saying the copier is menial or fixing it is menial?

Dan: I'm saying-

JoAnne: Or are you suggesting that fixing a copy machine should be something left for someone else to do?

Dan: Yes.

JoAnne: This is part of my job.

Dan: It seems that it shouldn't.

JoAnne: Well, it is.

JoAnne smiles at Dan.

Brace yourself.

JoAnne: And don't you just sit around and watch sports all day?

Hey! Cheap shot.

Dan: I do more than watch tape. I cover stories, I do interviews-

JoAnne: My point exactly. I do more than fix copiers.

JoAnne leans over, places her hand on Dan's chest, gently grabs hold of his tie by the not, and slides her hand down to the end of his tie. She looks him directly in the eye.


JoAnne: I can do a lot more than fix copiers.

Dan takes a deep gulp.

Dai-ay uh ay ay.

Dan: Y... yes, you can.

JoAnne breaks away from Dan, and concentrates on fixing the machine.

Dan: What is it?

JoAnne reaches inside the copier.

JoAnne: It looks like this roller isn't magnetized.

Is that plugged in over there?

Dan: Did you cut off the power?

JoAnne: Of course, I cut off the power.

Dan: I don't want you to injure yourself.

JoAnne: What am I? Oh, wait, a woman fixing things. Don't underestimate me, sweet cheeks.

Sweet cheeks?

JoAnne reaches back inside the machine.


Dan sees JoAnne jump back as she is shocked by the machine. JoAnne is wincing in pain and shaking her hand toward the ground. Dan attemps to put his arm around JoAnne, but he starts laughing. Natalie and Jeremy step into the scene.

Oh man! The look on her face! This is hillarious!

Natalie: Are you all right?

Jeremy: Jo, you okay? It sounds like you shocked yourself.

Stop laughing. She's hurt. Stop laughing.

JoAnne: Ungh. I'll be all right. (to Dan) This is not funny. I'm in pain here.

Stop laughing!

Dan is gasping for breath between laughs.

Dan: I... I'm sarrr-eee.

Dan starts laughing again.

Stop laughing!

JoAnne performs a roundhouse smack on Dan's arm, and he tumbles to the floor.

What the?

Dan: (laughing) Ow. Ow. I'm sorry.

Jeremy: Be careful there, Jo. We don't need you getting hurt here.

Natalie: Dan, on the other hand, is a different story.

Dan continues to laugh on the ground as JoAnne storms off.

I'm a fool.

Natalie: Will she be all right?

Jeremy: I think she'll be fine. I'll check with her later.

Dan gets back up, catches his breath and starts to run after JoAnne. Dan races to the elevator and catches her before she steps inside.

Make it up to her. Make it up to her.

Dan: Listen, Jo.

JoAnne: Let go of me. I'm pissed at you.

Dan: I'm sorry, I'm really sorry. Let me make it up to you.

JoAnne crosses her arms as she stands in front of Dan.

JoAnne: Prove it.

Dan: How about I get tickets to the Met for this Friday night? I'm off on Friday and we can go see a special exhibit.

JoAnne: I don't know.

Dan puts his arm around JoAnne.

Make it up to her.

Dan: Picture this. Romantic dinner. Candlelight. Drawings by Correggio and Parmigianino, sixteenth-century draftsmen from the Emilian school.

JoAnne: Sounds interesting...

Say 'yes,' say 'yes.'

Dan: We'll go to the exhibit, then we'll have the dinner.

JoAnne: You make the dinner reservations. You get the tickets. And it depends on what we do afterwards...


JoAnne steps inside the elevator.

Dan: Depends on what?

JoAnne: Whether you've been good.

JoAnne flashes a smile as the elevator door close.

Make a note: be on your best behavior.

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