Walk a Mile in My Shoes
(Dana's Perspective)




Dana is walking into the newsroom. She notices Casey out of the corner of her eye.

What a beautiful day.

Casey: Hey Dana.

Casey's looking well today.

Dana: Good morning to you to Casey.

Casey: You're in a good mood today.

Dana: Yep.

Kevin made that possible.

Dana continues to walk toward her office, while Casey decides to change his original course and follow Dana.

This job always brings a smile to my face.

Dana greets several staffers, assistants, and producers along the way.

Dave and Will, working on nothing. It's early Dana. It's early.

Dana: Good morning, gentleman.

Dave: Good morning, Dana.

Will: Morning Dana.

I love the winter time. There's Kim.

Dana: Good morning, Kim. Good job on last night's feature.

Kim: Thanks, Dana. Here's a copy of last night's show. Hey, Casey.

Kim hands Dana a tape.

Decent show, good hockey highlights.

Dana: Thanks, Kim.

Casey: Hey, Kim.

I love February. Is Casey following me?

Dana: Good morning, Natalie and Jeremy. How are you two doing?

Natalie: Doing great.

Jeremy: Ditto.

Love. Valentine's Day. Natalie and Jeremy. Those two are so sweet.

Casey: Hey, Kevin comes back today, doesn't he?

Dana: Actually, he came back last night.

Oh, yes. Kevin was waiting for me when I got home, and he was holding a bag of movies in one hand and cartons of Chinese food in the other. He yelled, "Surprise!" and then-

Casey: Dana.

Isaac walks by the two.

Isaac: Good morning you two. Dana, don't forget about coming up with some ideas.

Dana: I haven't forgotten.

Oh, God. Those stupid suggestions. I'm only the producer, not a trend setter.

Isaac: And Casey, stop stalking Dana.

Casey takes a step back.

Casey: I'm not stalking her.

Ha-ha, good one Isaac. Yes, you are Casey.

Dana and Casey walk into her office.

Casey: So he just showed up at your doorstep.

Dana: Yes.

And wearing his cute winter jacket.

Casey: Without any warning?


Dana: Yes.

Dana sets the tape on her desk, then hangs her coat up.

Casey: Was he waiting outside or did he let himself in?

Dana: He was outside.

Casey: Too much of a gentleman to just waltz on inside?

Oh, geez, Casey.

Dana: How would he get in Casey? It's not like I gave him a key.

Casey: He doesn't have a key?

Dana: No, Casey.

Why haven't I given him a key?

Dana sits behind her desk.

Casey: Well, what if you had a guest with you?

Dana: But I didn't.

Casey: Guess he lucked out.

But he didn't get "lucky"

Dana: What's that supposed to mean?

Casey: Nothing.

Dana looks down at her desk at her messages, prepared notes, and schedule.

Okay, Kelly's in L.A. to cover the Lakers. We've got college basketball before the show, which means filler space is needed in case they run long. Oh look at that. Natalie's highlighted the important games tonight on my schedule sheet. She is so unbelievable. Ideas. Ideas. Ideas. I need to come up with one to keep Isaac off my back.


Casey: Anyway, Dan wanted me to remind you about the photo shoot tomorrow. The network is really promoting our nominees this year. Also, my neighbors are really noisy when I am home. Plus, we have a Pac-10 game tonight, which means high-scoring, which means we won't be starting on-time tonight.

Casey looks at Dana reviewing her notes.

Casey: You didn't hear a word I said.

Dana: Yes, I did.

Casey: No, you didn't.

Dana: Casey, you were talking about the photo shoot, which I have marked right here on the calendar, you talked about your noisy neighbors- probably because they are having sex and you're not- and you reminded me about the probability of tonight's game running long. Did I miss anything?

Casey stands in shock and blinks his eyes.

Casey: No, nothing.

I can do my job, Casey.

Dana: Are you all right?

Casey: Yeah, I'm fine.

Like I believe that, Casey.

Dana: Are you sure?

Casey: Yes, Dana, I'm sure. Look, I gotta' get back to work.

Dana: Okay, I'll see you later.

Casey leaves her office and closes the door behind him.

Casey's jealous over me and Kevin?

Dana laughs to herself.

That's absurd.

Dana gets up, grabs last night's tape, walks over to her set and turns it on, pops in the tape and starts playing it.

Okay, good intro. Casey looked good last night. Concentrate, Dana. Concentrate. Cute smile. Dana! Stop it. Concentrate on the show. Ideas. I need ideas to improve the show. Kevin. Casey. Sit down.

She stops the tape and takes a couple of deep breaths.

There's a familiar knock on the door, and Natalie enters.

Natalie: Hey, Dana.

Dana: Good morning, Natalie.

Natalie: You already wished me good morning.

I saw her already this morning?

Dana: I did? Well, I'm wishing you good morning again, Natalie.

Natalie: What did you do last night?

Case... Kevin.

Dana: What? How-

Natalie: Kevin was involved, wasn't he?

Dana: I'm here less than five minutes and... hey, how did you know about Kevin?

Natalie: Dana, you fail to remember that I know all and see all, especially when you are transparent as yourself.

Dana: I don't want to talk about it.

I need to figure some things out.

Natalie: Okay, great. We'll talk later.

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