Walk a Mile in My Shoes
(Jeremy's Perspective)




Jeremy is sitting at his desk, when Natalie sneaks up from behind.

Natalie: Do you know what today is?

Jeremy: Tuesday.

Natalie: Do you know what else today is?

Jeremy: February 6.

Natalie: Right. What else?

Jeremy thinks for a moment.

Today. Today. Today. Wait. That's it.

Jeremy: Oh, yes. It's Waitangi Day.

Natalie: What?

Jeremy: It's the holiday celebrating the anniversary of the treaty signed by New Zealand's Maori chiefs and the British government. I think it was signed back in 1840. Let me double check the date.

I'll check the net for accuracy.

Jeremy clicks the mouse on his computer. Natalie puts her hand on top of his.

Natalie: You don't really need to bother with that.

Wow. Electricity just shot up my arm.

Dana and Casey walk by the two.

Dana: Good morning, Natalie and Jeremy. How are you two doing?

Natalie: Doing great.

Jeremy: Ditto.

Natalie is holding my hand. What could be better?

Dana and Casey continue walking by.

Casey: (to Dana) Hey, Kevin comes back today, doesn't he?

Jeremy: Sounds like Casey is once again curious about Dana's personal life.

Natalie: You didn't answer the question.

Uh-oh. Now we travel down the path of irrelevance.

Jeremy: What question?

Natalie: The question on what today is.

Jeremy: I thought I already answered that.

Natalie: You didn't answer correctly.

Yes, I did.

Jeremy: But it is Waitangi Day.

Natalie jumps up and down.

Maybe it is not.

Natalie: Noooo! What is one week from today?

One week from today, the 13th?

Jeremy: The day before Valentine's Day?

Natalie encourages Jeremy on.

I'm getting warmer.

Natalie: What else is happening on that day?

Happening one week from today. With Natalie. That's it.

Jeremy snaps his fingers.

Jeremy: The AARON Awards?

Natalie throws her arms in the air.

Natalie: Yes! We are one week away, baby! One week away from victory!

Finally, the right answer.

Jeremy: Natalie, you should consider it an honor to be just nominated and-

Natalie: I do! And when I win, I'll have so much honor, you'll need-

Jeremy: I see your point.

Natalie's excited about being nominated.

Natalie: Do you?

Jeremy: Yes, I do. And I am very proud of you.

I am so very proud of you.



Jeremy and Natalie look over and see JoAnne and Dan standing at the broken copy machine. JoAnne is wincing in pain and shaking her hand toward the ground, while Dan is trying to console her- which he isn't doing very well because he is laughing.

Natalie: Are you all right?

Jeremy: Jo, you okay? It sounds like you shocked yourself.

The situation doesn't look severe.

JoAnne: Ungh. I'll be all right. (to Dan) This is not funny. I'm in pain here.

Dan is gasping for breath between laughs.

Dan: I... I'm sarrr-eee.

Dan starts laughing again.

Oh, Dan. Don't be doing this.

JoAnne performs a roundhouse smack on Dan's arm, and he tumbles to the floor.

Dan: (laughing) Ow. Ow. I'm sorry.

Jeremy: Be careful there, Jo. We don't need you getting hurt here.

Natalie: Dan, on the other hand, is a different story.

Dan continues to laugh on the ground as JoAnne storms off.

Natalie: Will she be all right?

Jeremy: I think she'll be fine. I'll check with her later.

We avoided a serious accident there.

Natalie: Okay, Jeremy. I'm going to check to see what's going on with Casey and Dana.

Natalie takes off for Dana's office.

Isaac: Jeremy, could I have you do me a favor?

Jeremy: Sure, Isaac. What is it?

Isaac: Could you do a little research on what is happening with Quo Vadimus?


Jeremy: Statistics, hirings, firings, stock numbers...

Isaac: See if you can dig up something substantial.

Nothing involving numbers.

Jeremy: Rummage for gossip?

Isaac: Exactly.

Jeremy: About what?

Isaac: See if you can find out something about the future of CSC.

Jeremy: I would think you would have the best access to that information-

Jeremy notices Isaac staring at him.

Something's going on. Something's happening. Something's happening with the show, and they surely aren't going to tell us.

Jeremy: -since you are the managing editor... because something is going on with the show and no one is telling you anything.

Isaac: Exactly.

Jeremy: I'll look into it and see what I can dig up.

Look for possible layoffs.

Isaac: You do that, Jeremy. And make sure it doesn't interfere with your real job. We have a show to produce.

Jeremy: Will do.

There will be no show to produce if we have no show to produce.

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