El Beso del Final



Jeremy and Dana are in her office.

Dana: So, we'll use the footage for Duke tomorrow night-

Dana's door flies open.

Natalie: Only five hours until the ceremony! Five hours until we sweep the floor with the other networks!

Dana: Natalie! Can't you see Jeremy and I are working here? We don't need a pep rally to get us excited.

Natalie: Well, it looks like I got here just in time.

Dana: What? Jeremy, what-

Natalie: Let's get fired up! Woo-hoo!

Natalie dashes from the office and you can hear her cheering down the hall. Jeremy stands with his mouth open while Dana just shakes her head.

Dana: What exactly did she eat for breakfast? Was there a lot of sugar?

Jeremy: I think so, yeah.

Natalie: (off screen) Let's hear it for CSC!

Dana: Keep her away from it for the rest of the day.

Jeremy: Okay.

Dana: Good. Where were we? Oh, yeah. We'll use the Duke footage with the college basketball recap tomorrow night. Marcus should be coming back from Atlanta with the report on the Georgia Tech baseball team, and we'll use that also tomorrow night. That's it.

Jeremy: Got it.

Jeremy goes to leave, but he turns back around.

Jeremy: Dana?

Dana: Yeah?

Jeremy: Are you okay?

Dana: Yeah. Why?

Jeremy: You just seem kind of...

Dana: What?

Jeremy: Business-oriented. Not meaning it's a bad thing- it's just you seem to be wanting to get an awful lot done since we don't have a show tonight.

Dana: Well, we do have a lot that needs to be done for tomorrow.

Jeremy: But we've already got enough stories to last us through the weekend.

Dana: I'm fine, Jeremy. I have a feeling, after tonight, everything is going to be different. Okay?

Jeremy looks into Dana's eyes for a moment, trying to convince himself Dana is 'okay.'

Jeremy: Okay.

Dana: Good. Seriously, if Natalie wants ice cream, do not let her get it.


Dan and Kim are walking through the newsroom. They are both wearing coats because they just got back from completing an assignment.

Kim: Give me an hour and I'll get the footage cut for you. I'll have the footage down to forty seconds.

Dan: Great. Thanks, Kim. You'd think the Meadowlands would be warmer this time of year.

Kim: It's New Jersey. It's February.

Dan: Yeah. I thought it would be warmer.

Kim rolls her eyes at Dan as he continue into his office.

Dan hangs up his coat, and turns to grab something off his chair. He looks around the chair, searching for something. A look of panic sweeps across his face as he frantically combs over the room.

Casey walks in the room and is carrying a script.

Dan: What did you do with it?

Casey: Do with what?

Casey sits at the desk.

Dan: You know what. My jersey.

Casey looks up and realizes Dan is wearing a suit and tie.

Casey: I thought you were wearing it.

Dan: I had to take it off to go and do a report. Seriously, what did you do with it?

Casey: I have no idea where your lucky Matt Stover jersey is lying.

Dan: So you know it's lying somewhere. Where?!

Casey: Danny-

Dan: I mean it, Casey! I need it for tonight! Tell me where it is!

Casey: I honestly don't know where your jersey has been misplaced. I'll help you search for it.

Dan: Okay. Good. It's purple, a Ravens jersey, with a number 3 on the front-

Casey: I think I can adequately describe it to any possible witnesses.

Dan: Great. I'll start in the studio.

Dan races out of the office, leaving Casey behind to chuckle and shake his head.


Dana walks into Isaac's office.

Dana: You wanted to see me, Isaac?

Isaac: Yes, Dana. Close the door behind you.

As Dana closes the door, Isaac walks behind his desk.

Isaac: Have a seat, Dana.

Dana: Is this bad news, Isaac? I should be sitting down for this, if this is bad news.

Isaac: It's not bad news, Dana, and have a seat if you like or you may stand.

Isaac sits behind his desk.

Dana: I think I'm going to sit.

Dana sits in a chair and looks anxious.

Isaac: Dana-

Dana: I don't like this tone, Isaac. That tone tells me something bad is happening.

Isaac: Relax. I want to keep you informed on what is going on with the show and the changes happening here.

Dana looks on with anticipation.

Isaac: I've decided to hire a consultant full-time here.

Dana: Oh?

Isaac: It is not a popular decision with the executives, but it is my decision to make.

Dana: And you're making it.

Isaac: Dana... I'm bringing back Sam.

Dana nods her head.

Isaac: I wanted to keep you informed. Dana?

Dana: Yeah?

Isaac: Is there anything you would like to say? Give me some sort of response?

Dana: Not really.

Isaac: No reaction at all?

Dana: Actually, I can't form a reaction or even word a proper response right now because I feel numb all over.

Isaac: It will be all right, Dana.

Dana stands up.

Dana: How could you do this to me Isaac? I feel like I am capable enough to make the proper decisions on how this show is run.

Isaac: You are qualified enough.

Dana: Then why this, Isaac? Why bring in someone who is going to reek havoc over my show?

Isaac: Dana-

Dana: I don't care if our ratings are dropping! If this show is failing, then I should be held responsible. Don't bring in somebody to make changes and control me! If the executives want changes to be made on 'Sports Night,' then they should replace me! I've been executive producer of 'Sports Night,' since the very beginning and executive producer at Lone Star Sports before that. If you feel I am capable of doing this show, then don't undermine my leadership by bringing somebody to do just that.

Isaac: Dana?

Dana: What Isaac? What now?

Isaac: If the show doesn't improve its ratings, there are going to be layoffs.

Dana: When?

Isaac: I don't know, but I do know that if CSC wants to fire somebody, it is going to be me. I am going to make a note to your objection, just in case things do not improve. If I am let go, I do not want you to be in a position where you cannot move ahead because you were in agreement with my decision.

Dana: What if we succeed and ratings improve?

Isaac: Then you can move ahead because you can form educated opinions, stand up for yourself, and run the best show on the network.

Dana: Okay.

Dana leaves Isaac's office.


Dan is walking with Natalie down the hall.

Dan: It's purple and has a number 3 on the front and back.

Natalie: I know what it looks like. It's been practically tattooed to you.

Dan: You know where it's located?

Natalie: It's probably serving some purpose right now.

Dan and Natalie walk into the editing room.

Dan: So you do know where it is?!

Natalie: Have you tried checking lost and found?

Natalie hands Elliott a small workbook, while Elliott is working on the editing machine.

Dan: I'm serious here, Natalie. Where is it?

Natalie: That's the transcript from the Wells press conference, Elliott.

Elliott: Thanks, Natalie. What are you guys looking for?

Dan: My jersey.

Elliott: Wait a second. I saw it earlier today.

Natalie: I've got things I need to address.

Dan: Where?! Where have you seen it?

Natalie leaves the room.

Elliott: Give me a second here... it wasn't in here... it wasn't in the control room... it wasn't in the newsroom...

Dan: Come on, come on.

Elliott: It wasn't in... wait! I saw it draped over a chair in your office.

Dan: That's where I left it.

Elliott: And it's not there now, I presume.

Dan: No. Someone is benefiting from the luck it bestows upon the owner.

Elliott: Maybe it's in the trash.

Dan looks horrified.

Dan: I'll start checking the trash cans.

Dan runs out of the editing room. He runs back inside the editing room, quickly checks the trash can, then runs out again.


Jeremy walks up to an open office and knocks on the door frame.

"Come in."

Jeremy: Hey, Jo.

Jeremy walks into the office. JoAnne closes a file cabinet.

JoAnne: What brings you down here? Looking to challenge the best?

Jeremy: No, it's not that. I'm actually here for a friend, but he doesn't know about it. I'm trying to do a favor here.

JoAnne: What is it?

Jeremy: I'm just saying, I'm not very good at this and I'm doing this as a favor.

JoAnne: You've already said that, Jer-bear.

Jeremy: Okay. I've known you a long time, since UCLA.

JoAnne: Correct.

Jeremy: So, I'm aware of certain events. You need to give Dan a chance.

JoAnne takes a deep breath and thinks about what she is going to say.

JoAnne: He... left... me.

Jeremy: Not to make excuses, Jo. But he's still dealing with Rebecca.

JoAnne: I know.

Jeremy: And I know you're still dealing with...

The somber mood makes the room silent.

JoAnne: I know, Jeremy. I still think about it everyday. It's been nearly three years, but I still think about it everyday.

Jeremy: Losing a fiancé in a car accident isn't something anyone can get over easily.

JoAnne: It's very difficult. It's been a long time since I've felt so... so...

Jeremy: Loved?

JoAnne: I guess so. I just need time.

Jeremy: You need to let Dan know that.

JoAnne: I will. Soon. Just not right now.

Jeremy nods his head in agreement.


Dana and Kevin are walking through the newsroom.

Dana: I need to show you what I am wearing tonight.

Kevin: About tonight-

Dana: Oh, come on. Let me show you this. Then you can go and do whatever you had planned.

Kevin: All right.

The two walk into Dana's office.

Dana: It's right over here.

Dana walks over to her coat rack, where her garment bag is hanging. Dana grabs the bag, holds in front of her, and unzips the front of the bag. Kevin looks at it and doesn't seem pleased.

Dana: What? What's wrong? I had it specially-

Kevin: Is this some kind of joke?

Dana: What?

Dana peeks inside the bag and shrieks.

Dana rips the bag off, revealing a Ravens jersey- Dan's jersey.

Dana: Natalie!

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