Never Fond of Saying Goodbye



Dana comes into Sam's office, while he is seated behind his desk and talking on the telephone.

Sam: (into phone) I'll call you back. (hangs up phone)

Dana: Sam, I just wanted to say that last night was not one of our best nights.

Sam: Yeah.

Dana: And we realized our mistakes, and we have corrected them.

Sam: Good.

Dana: And I'm ready for any criticism you may have about the show.

Sam: Really?

Dana: Yes.

Sam: I'm not going to criticize you.

Dana: Why not?

Sam: There are reasons.

Dana: You're not going to yell at me for having the beginning botched up, or the fact that 42 and 44 were inadvertently switched, or the fact we lost audio during the interview in Calgary, or the fact the show was just screwed up from beginning to end?

Sam: Thanks for the warning.

Dana: What?

Dana looks puzzled. Sam leans over and grabs a tape on his desk.

Sam: I might need a bowl of popcorn when I watch this.

Sam pops the tape into a player.

Dana: You... you haven't seen the show?

Sam: No, I was out last night, and I haven't reviewed the tape. I naturally assumed that everything went well last night. I appreciate you coming to me to let me know otherwise.

Dana: Ooo... you... I... just... can't... stand...

Sam: Yes, Dana?

Dana: You haven't changed one bit!

Sam: Is it the fact that the show hasn't changed, or the fact that you haven't changed?

Sam starts the tape.

Dana: I've changed.

Sam: Really?

Dana: I got to produce the "Summer Games Report" and I've won two awards for my work over the past year. I've grown, and the show has grown with me.

Sam: You're almost right.

Dana: What?!

Sam: You got to go to Australia and produce your little show, and some association threw a big dinner and gave you some little trinkets-

Dana: They are not trinkets!

Sam: -the fact remains, thank you, that this show is back to where it was when I came here a year ago. That means the show hasn't changed or everyone forgot everything I taught them and they reverted back to their old ways of running a show.

Dana: How dare you say my show isn't doing well.

Sam: I'm talking about the numbers, Dana.

Dana: You are not! You degrade me, you degrade my show, you degrade everybody.

Sam: Wow.

Sam stops the tape.

Sam: So you really got the video and audio messed up from the beginning, huh?

Dana: Answer my question.

Sam: It wasn't a question.

Dana: You're right. It was a statement. It was a fact.

Sam: The fact remains, you came in here to receive criticism. You said you were prepared for it. You got your criticism, Dana.

Dana: Constructive criticism, Sam!

Sam: You said I haven't changed, Dana. You know I don't give out the sappy 'you can do it' and 'I believe in you' speeches. I tell it like it is, and if you don't like my way, then you don't like it. I really don't care. I'm here to do my job, which is getting the ratings back up on this show.

Dana: And then you are going to abandon us again?

Dana stares directly into Sam's eyes.


Natalie is carrying her clipboard through the newsroom and distributing memos on people's desks. Jeremy is following alongside her.

Jeremy: What do you mean you threw it away?

Natalie: I meant- it's in the trash.

Jeremy: You didn't even consult me.

Natalie: You were going to have to get rid of it eventually, Jeremy.

Jeremy: It was my bed!

Natalie: It was a twin-sized mattress with a race car bed frame. We won't be sleeping in that when we're married.

Jeremy: It was my bed. A possession belonging to me.

Natalie: Okay, you've been sleeping at my place, right?

Jeremy: Yes.

Natalie: And you have clothes and other belongings at my place, right?

Jeremy: Yeah, but-

Natalie: And you said you like my place.

Jeremy: Yes.

Natalie: And we're going to live there after we're married, right?

Jeremy: That's what you said.

Natalie: And in the two, three months we have lived together, have I ever asked you for any of the rent, utilities, food bills, or complained that you have taken over half the space in my closet?

Jeremy: No.

Natalie: Did you offer to help out?

Jeremy: No.

Natalie: You made a decision to move in with me and I haven't criticized you-

Jeremy: I think we're not ready to be married.

Natalie:-for any of the things you've bought. What did you say?

Jeremy: I misspoke.

Natalie: No, I heard you.

Natalie hands Jeremy the memos.

Natalie: Here, hand these out.

Natalie slams her clipboard on a desk and runs out of the newsroom.

Jeremy: Natalie!

Dan comes up from behind and puts his arm around Jeremy.

Dan: Okay, who is he and what is he like?

Jeremy: Huh?

Dan: Last night, there was a rumor that Jo had gone out on a date with somebody. Somebody that was like... not me.

Jeremy: Dan.

Dan: This is vital information I need, Jeremy. I need you to go down and extract this information from Jo and bring it back to me because I do not want to give the impression that I'm jealous,-

Jeremy: Dan.

Dan:-which I'm not.

Jeremy: I think the wedding is off.

Dan lets go of Jeremy.

Dan: The wedding? You mean- you and...

Jeremy: Natalie, yes. I think it is off.

Dan: Oh... Oh man... Oh... Is there anything I can get you? Is there something?

Dan tries to get Jeremy a chair.

Jeremy: No, Dan. I'm all right. I just need to be left alone, right now.

Dan: Uh, yeah. I think the conference room is empty or you can even use my office.

Jeremy: Thanks.

Jeremy sits down in the newsroom.

Dan: Jeremy?

Jeremy: I've got to find Natalie.

Jeremy gets up and jogs out of the newsroom.


Casey, Elliott, Kim, Chris, Will, and Dave are gathered in a circle off the studio set.

Casey: So, Sam was out on a date last night.

Elliott: With who?

Kim: Elliott, with whom.

Dave: And you heard this from his phone call?

Casey: I overheard him on the phone talking to a woman and I don't know who she is. One thing I know is that she is a much younger woman.

Will: How much younger?

Chris: Are we talking college-student or older?

Casey: Mid- to late twenties.

Dave: So she could be mistaken for his daughter.

Casey: Yeah, Sam said that on the phone, and get this, I think it's someone in this building.

Kim: Really?

Chris: Someone who works for CSC?

Casey: I think so.

Will: Sam has a girlfriend.

Elliott: Who would have thunk it?

Casey: Yeah.

Kim: What were you doing hanging around Sam's office?

Casey: I was scouting out the area to see what kind of mood Sam was in before Dana was to go in and accept responsibility for last night's show.

Chris: Well, we all messed up last night.

Dave: Dana shouldn't feel completely responsible.

Casey: Well, Sam seemed to be in a good mood, so I think the meeting between him and Dana is going really well right now.


Dana and Sam are in each other's face.

Dana: You say you're here to boost ratings, but what do you bring to the table, Sam? What do you do here?

Sam: I get results.

Dana: So do I!

Sam: Listen, there was a reason why I was asked to come here. I didn't beg for a job. I was approached by Isaac because he felt I would be an asset. So don't start questioning why I'm here for whatever reasons.

Dana takes a step back and throws down her arms.

Dana: You know, you should just produce the show tonight.

Sam: I'm not.

Dana: Well, you sure act like you want to. And I ended the last sentence with a preposition.

Sam: Yes, you did, and you're producing the show tonight.

Dana: Afraid you can't do it?

Sam: I won't be here tonight.

Dana: Ha! Got another big date tonight?!

Sam: As a matter of fact, yes.

Dana: So you're already skipping out on the show in order to go out with some girl?

Sam: If you checked your calendar like all good executive producers do, I am scheduled to be off today. I came in just to do some extra work.

Dana feels defeated.

Dana: Oh, well then. I'll see you tomorrow.

Dana begins to leave.

Sam: One more thing Dana- my personal life is my business. It may not be the way things are run here, but if I ever find you sending Casey to eavesdrop on me again, I'll have your asses suspended. Got it?

Dana closes her eyes and grits her teeth.

Dana: Got it.

Dana leaves as Sam turns around, clicks the remote, and starts the tape.

After a few seconds, Sam throws the remote across the room.

Sam: Son of a bitch.


Dan and Casey are in there office. Casey is seated at a desk, while Dan is pacing the room.

Dan: This isn't right.

Casey: About Jo?

Dan: Yeah. I would think she would have told me.

Casey: What happened to this awareness thing?

Dan: What awareness?

Casey: Exactly.

Dan: Huh?

Casey: I thought you are supposed to know everything going on here. I thought you had become more aware of what is happening.

Dan: I am aware of what is happening.

Casey: Then why all the questions?

Dan: I am trying to figure this out.

Casey: Figure out why she's seeing or dating someone else.

Dan: Yes, and the explanation why she hasn't told me.

Casey: Maybe she didn't want to make you jealous.

Dan: No, there's something more. She's hiding something.

Casey: Yeah, she's hiding the fact that she's seeing someone and that is making you insanely jealous.

Dan: I'm not jealous.

Casey: Could have fooled me.

Dan: I'm not. I am concerned.

Casey: Okay, you are concerned about the man Jo dated last night.

Dan: Yes.

Casey: Are you her father?

Dan: No.

Casey: Didn't you set the rules that you two could date other people? Aren't you just good friends?

Dan: Yeah, but...

Casey: But what?

Dan: I didn't think she would be dating somebody. Plus, she didn't tell me.

Dana: (from the newsroom) Casey!

Dana walks into their office.

Dan: Uh-oh.

Dana: I cannot believe that you let Sam see you!

Casey: He saw me?

Dana: Yes!

Casey: I didn't see him.

Dana: Well, he saw you- and you got called on it. And I got called on it also.

Casey: What did he do?

Dana: If we do it again, he's going to suspend us.

Casey: He should have closed his door if he wanted privacy.

Dana: We should not have been snooping around.

Dan: (to Casey) It's your rectangular head.

Casey: What?

Dan: Sam probably saw you because your head casts a huge shadow.

Casey: It does not.

Dana: I knew I should have used Natalie.

Dan: You see, Natalie has a round head and catlike reflexes.

Casey: I can be catlike.

Dan: (sarcastic) Yes, you are a nimble one.

Casey: I can do cartwheels and tumbles.

Natalie walks into the office.

Dana: Natalie! Forgive me for not using you for surveillance.

Natalie: What happened?

Dana: Casey got caught outside of Sam's office.

Dan: Are you all right, Natalie?

Natalie: (to Dan) Yeah, I'm fine. (to Dana) Casey isn't nimble enough to do covert operations.

Casey: This is all coming back to me, isn't it?

Dan: Seriously, Natalie. Are you going to be okay?

Dana: What? What's going on Natalie?

Natalie: Oh, Jeremy doesn't want to get married.

Casey: He called it off?

Natalie: Yeah, right in the newsroom.

Dan: I didn't know he called it off.

Dana: My god, Natalie.

Dana wraps her arms around Natalie.

Natalie: I'm fine. Jeremy's in a lot of pain right now.

Casey: But he called it off.

Natalie: Yeah, but he came running after me and I slugged him. He's down in the cafeteria right now putting an ice pack over his eye. Oh, by the way, Alex Terry's injury is going to keep him out four to six weeks and the run down is in five minutes.

Natalie breaks Dana's grip and leaves the office.

Dana: Last night's disaster continues today.


Jeremy and JoAnne are sitting at a table in the cafeteria. Jeremy has an ice pack over his left eye.

JoAnne: Here, let me see.

Jeremy removes the ice pack.

JoAnne: She belted you really good. You are going to have a huge shiner.

Jeremy: Actually, it was my glasses which got slammed into my eye.

JoAnne: I'm sorry.

Jeremy again places the ice pack over his eye.

Jeremy: No, it's my fault. I shouldn't have told Natalie we're not ready to get married.

JoAnne: Hold on, Jeremy. When you told me about your engagement, I could see your hesitation. You weren't being patient in your own life and it has been scaring the hell out of you. Like you said, you love Natalie, but you're not ready to marry her.

Jeremy shrugs his shoulders.

JoAnne: Being right for each other doesn't mean it is the right time for each other.

Jeremy: I guess so. Speaking of being patient, I heard you may have gone out on a date last night.

JoAnne: Word travels upstairs fast.

Jeremy: Well, we are news gatherers by instinct.

JoAnne: Should I be bothered by this?

Jeremy: I would just hate to see you and Dan lose what you have.

JoAnne: Me and Dan? What we have? We're just friends. We had "the talk" and he set some ground rules. Am I supposed to give up dating because Dan Rydell wants to go out with his buddy-buddy girlfriend?

Jeremy: I thought you would have been more patient.

JoAnne: He needs to get over Rebecca.

Jeremy: There isn't any animosity between the two. Also, you are still getting over Jim, and that was years ago.

JoAnne: We were engaged and he was killed in a car accident. I think my pain is greater than his.

Jeremy: You're right. I seem to be saying all the wrong things today.

JoAnne: It's all right.

JoAnne reaches across and rubs Jeremy's arm.

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