Dana is sifting through various paperwork on her desk. Casey knocks on her door.

Dana: Hey, Casey. What do you need?

Casey: I don't need anything. I just wanted to see if you were all right.

Dana focuses back on her paperwork.

Dana: Of course I'm all right. Why wouldn't I be all right?

Casey: I don't know. You seemed distant in the last run down.

Dana: Casey, I am fine. Okay? Besides, I have a lot going on.

Casey: Okay. You don't need to put up this act in front of only me. Remember, I know you very well.

Dana: Casey, I do not need you standing over me every five seconds asking me if I am all right because I am fine! Really!

Casey slowly backs out of the room.

Casey: Okay.

Dana: Your job is to write scripts and do the show! And I'll thank you to stick to your job and leave things that don't concern you to the people that they do concern!

Casey is now in the hallway.

Casey: Okay!

Casey continues to back away from Dana's office, who is coming down the corridor with a coffee mug in hand.

Dan puts his hand out to stop Casey from backing into his coffee and him.

Dan: Careful!

Casey spins around.

Casey: Sorry.

Dan: What's wrong?

Casey: Nothing.

Dan: You look startled.

Casey: You scared me, that's all.

Dan: Are you sure?

Casey: Yeah.

Dan motions toward Dana's office.

Dan: Dana sounded really upset. What did you do now?

Casey: I don't think it's about me this time.

Dan stands curious while Casey shakes his head and goes past him toward the newsroom. Dan turns back toward Casey.

Dan: Hey, I got dinner reservations for my date tomorrow night!

Casey: Congratulations!

Casey disappears into the newsroom.


Kim and Elliott are walking down a hallway. They turn a corner and run smack into Jeremy as he is flying from the other direction. Papers and tapes fly and end up on the floor, Kim shrieks, Jeremy yells, and Elliott laughs from behind.

Jeremy: I am so sorry.

Kim: It's okay. Be careful.

Elliott: Why the hurry?

Jeremy picks up his tapes while Kim and Elliott pick up their papers.

Jeremy: I've got to get these tapes to Natalie.

Kim: She's back at the window.

Jeremy: Again?

Elliott: Yeah.

Kim: You need to speak with her.

Jeremy takes a deep breath.

Jeremy: Natalie doesn't want to talk about it.

Elliott: Well, something needs to be done.

Jeremy: Well, if either one of you have the magical solution to help Natalie, I would be grateful for it.

Kim and Elliott continue their way, and Jeremy heads down the hallway. Jeremy picks up his pace and rounds another corner. This time he runs into Dana. Dana screams as the collision takes place.

Jeremy: I am so sorry, Dana.

Dana: Jeremy?

Jeremy: Yes?

Dana: Are you winning?

Jeremy: Excuse me?

Dana: The race that you seem to be running. Are you winning?

Jeremy: Not even close.

Dana: She's at the newsroom window again.

Jeremy: I heard.

Dana: I'm holding you personally responsible if she starts screwing up her job.

Jeremy swallows hard.

Jeremy: Okay.

Dana smiles.

Dana: I'm joking, Jeremy.

Jeremy breathes a sigh of relief.

Jeremy: Good.

Dana starts walking down the hallway. Jeremy turns back around.

Jeremy: I knew that!

Dana continues to walk down the hallway.


Dana stops in her tracks and turns toward the familiar voice.

Dana: Yes, Sam?

For a moment, Sam doesn't speak.

Dana: I'm standing here.

Sam: Can you come with me for a second?

Dana: No.

Sam: No?

Dana: No.

Sam: Okay.

Dana: Sam?

Sam: Yes?

Dana: What do you want?

Sam: I want your opinion on some film from Ohio. Do you know anything about Ohio?

Dana: Well, there's Put-In-Bay, but you want my opinion?

Sam: Yes.

Dana: Hmm.

Sam: Is there a problem?

Dana: A problem?

Sam: Is there?

Dana: No.

Sam: Are you going to look at the film?

Dana: Yes.

Sam: Good.

Sam walks back toward his office.

Dana: Sam?

Sam stops and turns around.

Sam: Yes?

Dana: Listen, I want to apologize if I've been harsh lately. I understand we've had our difficulties, but I believe with improved communication, we can elevate the show's ratings.

Sam nods.

Sam: Thank you.

The two walk toward Sam's office.


Jeremy approaches Natalie, who is standing at the newsroom window again.

Jeremy: Natalie.

Natalie: I could stand here all day.

Jeremy: You have been standing here all day.

Natalie: I was at the first rundown of the day.

Jeremy: Natalie, I need to talk to you.

Natalie: No.

Jeremy: No?

Natalie: I know what you're going to say.

Jeremy: I don't believe you do.

Natalie: You're going to say you are sorry for calling off the wedding.

Jeremy: Yes.

Natalie: I knew what you were going to say.

Jeremy: I believe you did.

Natalie: I told you.

Jeremy: Natalie.

Natalie ignores Jeremy as Dan notices the two as he goes into his office.


Casey is at the desk and typing away at his computer as Dan walks in.

Dan: How's it going?

Casey continues typing.

Casey: Fine.

Dan: Really?

Casey: For the second time, 'yes.'

Dan: Dana's upset. You're fine. Natalie's upset.

Casey: She's just standing there.

Dan: Why?

Casey: Cause she could do it all day.

Casey crumples a piece of paper into a ball. He aims for the wastebasket and misses. The paper lands near Dan's foot. Dan leans over to pick it up, but Casey dives for it- knocking over a lamp and a pencil cup in the process. Casey snatches the paper from under Dan's nose.

Dan: I could have helped you there.

Casey: No, you couldn't.

Dan: What's the problem?

Casey: There's no problem.

Dan: Then why did you just clear the desk?

Casey: I needed elbow room.

Dan: Plus the lamp needed tackled?

Casey: The lamp needed tackled.

Dan: Casey-

Casey: What?

Dan: Are you and Dana all right?

Casey bites his lip and stares at Dan for a second.

Casey: No.

Dan: Are you two...

Casey: Broken up?

Dan pauses at Casey's abruptness.

Dan: Yeah.

Casey: Yes.

Dan: It's over Sam's new policy.

Casey: No, it's not.

Dan: I think it is, and I'm going to help out.

Casey: Danny.

Dan: No, Casey. I think this is stupid. We spend 60 to 70 hours a week here and this is the thing friends do for each other. I'm going to go in and tell Sam that all employees have a right to date whomever they choose.

Dan starts to leave.

Casey: Don't do it.

Dan ignores Casey's request and continues into the newsroom.

Natalie is still standing in the window and Jeremy insists being by her side.

Dan: Hey, Nat. What's the difference between a thoroughbred race and a quarter horse race?

Natalie: One uses thoroughbreds and one uses quarter horses.

Dan: Thank you.

Natalie turns away for a moment to look at Dan.

Natalie: Did that honestly answer your question?

Dan: Not really.

Jeremy: Thoroughbreds run distance, quarters sprint.

Dan: Thank you.

Jeremy: Not a problem.

Dan continues through the newsroom.


There is a knock on Isaac's open door. Isaac looks up from his desk.

Isaac: J.J. Come in and have a seat.

J.J.: I'll just take a minute of your time, Isaac.

Isaac: What is it?

J.J.: The corporation is releasing this statement tomorrow. We feel you should have an advanced copy.

J.J. hands Isaac a memo. Isaac puts on his glasses and reads it.

Isaac: So it's true?

J.J.: Evidentially. The good news is that it is not going to affect the show.

Isaac: How could it not affect the show?

J.J.: Well, most of the layoffs will not come from this building.

Isaac: But there will be some layoffs from here? In New York?

J.J.: Yes... but not as many as we were led to believe.

Isaac: It's still too many.

J.J.: The stock of Quo Vadimus has dropped steadily over the past year. It has lost over half of its initial value. Everyone should have seen this coming.

Isaac: Everybody, except the ones being let go.

J.J.: Isaac, don't worry about it. Everything with "Sports Night" is going to be fine. Why are you fighting for non-essential positions?

Isaac: Because they were deemed to be non-essential.

J.J.: I understand this is very upsetting, which is why we wanted to let you know ahead of time.

Isaac glances back down at the memo.

Isaac: Thank you for keeping me informed.

J.J.: You're welcome.

Isaac gets up and goes to his window as J.J. leaves the office. Isaac takes off his glasses and slides them inside his jacket.

Isaac: It was just as they predicted.


Laughter can be heard coming from Sam's office. There is a loud knock on the door.

"Come in."

The door opens and Dan walks in. He looks around and is shocked.

Dan: Wha... what's going on in here.

Dana: (giggling) Nothing Dan. Sam is just being funny. What is it you needed?

Dan: It isn't you; I need to speak with Sam. Actually, it does involve you, Dana, but it has to do with Sam.

Sam: What is it?

Dan looks at Dana, then directly at Sam.

Dan: How dare you come into this place an enact a policy as ridiculous as banning employees from dating each other. You are not God; you cannot control who people date! How would you feel if someone came up to you and said you could no longer see your mate?

Sam: It happened before.

Dan: How did you feel?

Sam: I felt bad, but my wife wanted a divorce. She came with the officer to have the divorce papers delivered to me.

Dan just stands and blinks for a moment.

Dan: You are not God, Sam.

Sam: Listen, I didn't do it to harm anybody here. I did it to protect everybody in the future, in the event something were to happen. It's difficult enough working here, much less having to work with your spouse and not create the air of favoritism toward that person. (pause) Anyway, Jeremy and Natalie are not getting married, and according to Casey (nods to Dana) and Dana, they are not dating.

Dan: It shouldn't be that way. This policy causes problems. Dana? Tell him.

Dana: Dan, I'm sorry.

Dan closes his eyes and takes a deep breath.

Dan: This is wrong. This is utterly wrong.

Dan storms out of the office.

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