161 Days



Dana is talking with some staffers in the corridor.

Dana: And please stress to everybody that we need to keep it tight. We're stretched everywhere, and we're pressed for time.

Isaac walks by. He is carrying an overcoat draped over his arm and his briefcase. Dana notices Isaac passing.

Dana: (to staffers) Everybody got it? Good.

As the staffers leave to work on their assignments, Dana scurries to catch up with Isaac.

Dana: Well?

Isaac: Good afternoon, Dana.

Dana: What happened?

Isaac: What are you leading off for tonight's show?

Dana: We're doing an update on the World Series, followed by a round-robin among the NBA's opening games. How did the meeting go?

Isaac: It was a very good lunch. We had beef wellington.

Dana: It's not normal to have a budget meeting outside of the meeting room, much less the building. What happened?

Dana follows Isaac into his office. She closes the door.

Isaac: You know, Sid Janus can be pretty funny.

Dana: I thought he was just weird. What happened during the meeting?

Isaac hangs his overcoat on the door and heads toward his chair.

Isaac: Sid Janus? He shot water out his nose.

Dana: What?

Isaac: Sid Janus shot water out his nose.

Dana: What does that have to do with the outcome of the meeting?

Isaac sets his briefcase down on his desk and sits in his chair.

Isaac: I thought it was funny.

Dana: I'm sure it was. Isaac-

Isaac: Don't you want to know why Sid Janus did that?

Dana throws down her arms in frustration.

Dana: He was probably just being weird, but I give. What caused him to shoot water out his nose?

Isaac: When he heard the budget figures for the fourth quarter and preliminary figures for next year.

Dana: I don't know how I should be reacting.

Isaac reaches into his briefcase and pulls out a folder. He hands it to Dana.

Isaac: Check it out for yourself.

Dana opens the folder and starts reading the numbers.

Dana: Isaac?

Isaac: Yes?

Dana: I didn't expect this.

Isaac: I know.

Dana: I mean... with the stagnant ratings and the declining income from advertising... do you know what this means?

Isaac: Yes. We need to be prudent.

Dana: It's time.

A big smile comes across Dana's face.

Dana: It's time. It's time!

Isaac: Dana? We need to be responsible with this money.

Dana: Isaac? Do you know what this means?

Isaac: I suggest we sit down and have a meeting to exchange suggestions. It will be me, you, Kim, Sally, and Joseph.

Dana: No more six- and seven-day work weeks.

Isaac: We'll figure out where we can spend this money and get the best results.

Dana: I'll actually get to spend some more time with Casey. You know, he's narrowed down his job search.

Isaac: Have you been hearing me?

Dana: And I'll finally get time to paint my living room.

Isaac: I take it you are suggesting we hire more production help.

Dana: I was thinking of a light saffron, but now I'm leaning toward more of a marigold.

Isaac: I'll take your suggestion under consideration.

Dana: You know what else would look good? A smooth lavender.

Isaac: Dana?

Dana: You know what, Isaac? We need to take this money and hire more production help.

Isaac: You don't say?

Dana: And we need to have a meeting with the other executive producers and receive more suggestions.

Isaac: Good thinking.

Dana: This is great news, isn't it?

Isaac: It's great news but remember... the increase is due to the upcoming coverage in Salt Lake. We don't need to waste all the money and end up sacrificing Winter Games coverage.

Dana: Don't worry. The money will be spent well. I am finally going to get to paint my living room. Isn't that great?

Isaac: Yes, I'm thrilled. You can leave now. I'm sure others are eagerly awaiting for you to confirm the rumors.

Dana: What rumors? I didn't start any rumors.

Isaac: I was confronted five... six times, including you, before I made it back to my office.

Dana: It was some harmless innuendo.

Isaac: Okay. Go and spread joy among the others.


Marcus and Dan are inside Dan's office.

Dan: Is it something you did?

Marcus: Nah, man. I think they just hate me.

Dan: Is it your approach? Maybe you're coming off as being too aggressive.

Marcus: Nah.

Dan: Or being obnoxious.

Marcus: Nah.

Dan: Or both.

Marcus shakes his head.

Dan: Are you sure it isn't some sort of retribution for the Scoggins story?

Marcus: That was weeks ago.

Dan: Short-term memory is only good if you are a defensive back recently burned for a touchdown.

Marcus: Syracuse banned us, but they lifted it. I can understand them holding a grudge, but six other teams?

Dan: Have you tried talking with them? Talking with the various athletic directors?

Marcus: They won't talk with me.

Dan: Has CSC tried talking with them?

Marcus shrugs his shoulders.

Dan: You need to let them handle it. Get Dana or Kim... even get Isaac to speak with them. They're the ones you need to be telling, not me.

Marcus: I don't want it to look like I can't do my job.

Dan: You can't do your job. You need to let them help you.

Marcus: I've spoken with Kim already.

Dan: That's a start.

Casey knocks on the door and walks in.

Casey: Am I interrupting?

Marcus: Casey McCall.

Dan: Hey, Casey.

Marcus shakes Casey's hand.

Marcus: Good to see you, sir.

Casey: Sir?

Marcus: Yes, sir.

Casey: Although I appreciate the formalities, you don't need to call me 'sir.'

Dan: Yeah. You can call him a dufus.

Casey: I brought you the advanced copy.

Casey holds out a book.

Dan: After I had to nag you to let your best friend have a copy.

Dan takes the book from Casey.

Marcus: Your new book, Casey?

Casey: Yes. It's my book.

Dan: Treating me like I'm the common public. Going to make me buy a copy just like the rest of them.

Casey: Cut out the whining, Danny.

Marcus: What the title?

Dan reads the cover.

Dan: "Just Gimme the Scores"?

Casey: It wasn't my selection for the title.

Dan: The title of your book is "Just Gimme the Scores"?

Casey: Just gimme back my copy.

Casey tries to take back the book.

Dan: Hold it, hold it, hold it there. I am sure the quality of your writing will stand out.

Casey: Thank you.

Dan: Otherwise, this is a perfect wedge to hold up the couch.

Casey: I've changed my mind. Marcus? Want an advanced copy?

Dan: You'll have to pry this book from my cold, dead fingers.

Casey: Don't tempt me like that.

Jeremy: Am I welcomed into the Sports Anchor Fraternity?

Jeremy walks in.

Casey: Jeremy! How are you doing?

Jeremy: Doing well, Casey. Marcus? Kim wants to see you right away.

Marcus: What about?

Jeremy: You've worked Clemson into the Big East package.

Marcus: Clemson is in the ACC.

Jeremy: The last time I heard.

Marcus: I'll get on it and fix it.

Marcus leaves the office.

Jeremy: So.

Casey: So.

Jeremy, Casey, and Dan look around for a moment.

Dan: Casey dropped off an advanced copy of his book.

Jeremy: Great. Do you mind if I have a copy?

Casey looks uncomfortable.

Casey: Well... you see... there's only a few, limited advanced copies.

Dan: I had to twist his arm just to get this copy.

Casey: The publishers limited me to only a few copies.

Jeremy: I understand. When's the release date?

Casey: I'm doing a book signing next week.

Jeremy: Is that a judicious decision?

Casey: I can't have my book come out and not have any publicity.

Jeremy: I'm curious because you were only limited to a few advance copies- and the late timing of it compared with the release date. Didn't you get an advanced copy before they had thousands of copies printed and bound?

Casey: Well... not really. I did most of the writing, so I trust the publishers kept it the way I wanted it.

Dan: Did you choose the title?

Casey: Yeah... kinda... maybe... not really. I had thought of a title, but the publishers thought of a better one.

Jeremy: What is their title?

Dan: "Just Gimme the Scores."

Jeremy: "Just Gimme the Scores"?

Dan: Yeah.

Jeremy: What was your title, Casey?

Casey: "Three and Two."

Jeremy: Referring to...

Casey: Three balls and two strikes, Jeremy. It's alluding to the payoff pitch in baseball.

Jeremy: And not golf match play?

Casey: Huh?

Jeremy: It's not alluding to golf match play, where the score could end at three and two?

Dan: I like their title better.

Casey: It is a reference to baseball and not golf. Golf has nothing to do with the title.

Dan: I can see what the golf reference could allude to: you win some holes, you lose some holes, some holes you break even.

Jeremy: That's what I was thinking.

Casey: It's about baseball. The title is about baseball.

Jeremy: The book is more than just baseball, isn't it?

Casey: I've included stories and interviews from various athletes in a variety of sports.

Dan: So "Just Gimme the Scores" could be alluding to various sports. Not just baseball, not just golf, but an inclusion of everything that is sports.

Casey glares at Dan.

Casey: Yes.

Jeremy: Well, you don't have to worry about any possible confusion. "Just Gimme the Scores" just screams out 'read me.'

Casey: Thank- wait. That was sarcasm, wasn't it?

Jeremy: Nothing gets by you, Casey.

Dan: It's amazing he hasn't landed a real job, yet.

Casey: I've narrowed it down to ESPN and HBO.

Jeremy: Wow. I thought CNN/SI and Fox Sports were interested.

Casey: Yes, but I would have to move. Los Angeles with Fox, Atlanta with CNN/SI. I feel that its important to stay in the region, especially with Charlie as he becomes a teenager.

Dana: Well, well, well.

Dana enters the office.

Dana: How are things going with you, Dan?

Dan: Good.

Dana: Jeremy?

Jeremy: Fine.

Jeremy quickly leaves the office. Dan begins typing on his computer.

Dana: Casey? Could I see you outside of the office?

Casey: Sure.

Dan: Thanks, again.

Casey: You're welcome.

Casey follows Dana into the newsroom.

Dana walks next to the wall, stops, and turns around to face Casey.

Dana: Casey? There are-

Chris: Hey, Casey.

Chris stops next to Dana and Casey.

Casey: Chris- good to see you. How are things going?

Chris: Busy with work and with the wedding.

Casey: Congratulations, by the way. Have you and Melanie set a date?

Chris: We were thinking-

Dana: Excuse me. Casey and I were having a conversation.

Casey: We hadn't begun our conversation.

Casey catches a look from Dana.

Casey: We were in the middle of a conversation.

Chris: Okay.

Casey: We'll catch up later.

Chris: Great.

Chris continues through the newsroom.

Dana: Casey, follow me.

Casey: I thought we were-

Dana: Follow me.

Casey follows Dana through the newsroom and into the empty conference room.

Casey: Am I in trouble?

Dana: No, you're not.

Casey: Okay.

Dana: You know how I think it is great when you visit with everybody here?

Casey: Yeah?

Dana: Today's not the right day.

Casey: Okay.

Dana: We've got the World Series, the opening night in the NBA, and we're stretched-

Casey: No need to say more. I'll come back another time.

Dana: Thank you, Casey. I knew you'd understand.

Casey: No problem.

Dana: This is a smooth-running machine. I don't need anybody inadvertently becoming the sugar in my gas tank.

Casey: But... I thought Sally was the sugar in your gas tank.

Dana: She's the lead in my gas tank.

Casey nods his head.

Casey begins to leave the conference room.

Dana: What brought you here today?

Casey: I dropped off a copy of the book for Dan.

Dana: Your book?

Casey: Yes.

Dana: Is there only one copy?

Casey: I have an advanced copy for myself, one for Charlie, and one for Dan.

Dana: Okay.

Dana stares at the table.

Casey: What's wrong?

Dana: Nothing.

Casey: Dana.

Dana: I'm just wondering how we're going to fit all these games into tonight's show.

Casey: You guys will do it.

Dana: I know.

Casey: Dana.

Dana: You need to get going. We still have a ton of work to do.

Casey: I'll see you later.

Casey takes a step toward Dana to give her a kiss, but she turns away and goes out the other door.

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