Where is Dana?

When I first started putting the "Sports Night on CSC" series together, I wanted to do it as if the "Sports Night" series was still being produced and everyone was still active in creating the series. So, reality would play a part in it... or an alternate reality at the very least.

You may notice that Dana Whitaker is absent from the first four episodes of "season three" and from four or five episodes in "season four." If the series was still being produced, she wouldn't be in these episodes because Felicity Huffman, the actress who plays Dana Whitaker, was on maternity leave.

Felicity gave birth to her first daughter on August 1, 2000, and her second daughter on March 14, 2002. Obviously, she would be unavailable to work on productions during these times, so she has been written out of the scripts.

Don't fear. Dana Whitaker will be back in future webisodes. She'll be mentioned, but she won't have a part until she returns. Of course, all of this is happening in my own little "Sports Night Fantasy Land." But in the land of fan fiction, anything can happen, right?

Thanks to everyone for their continued support.