Summer Rain



We open the scene watching Jeremy continuing to write to Louise, while hearing his thoughts as they go onto paper.

Casey has been doing well, but for over the past month, his independence has begun to waver. I still admire him for his strength and professionalism, but there have been times recently when he has seemed like a lost child. The fact Dana has been away for the past month probably has much to do with that, and it's supported by the increased workload on Dan due to the extra Summer Game responsibilities. Dana and Dan help keep Casey in check, but it has turned into everyone's responsibility lately to keep him focused...

We see Casey walking down the hall with a tape in hand- he has a hop to his step, and he seems very happy. He is smiling while laughing and saying 'hello' to everyone. He stops by his office and picks up a couple of sheets of paper. Casey spots Natalie in the newsroom, speaking with Jeremy at his desk; and he heads out with the tape and papers. Casey catches her attention, and he tosses the tape behind his back and right into Natalie's hands. He flashes a smile as he hands the papers over to a surprised Natalie. All Jeremy and Natalie can do is look at Casey in astonishment as he moves away from them. He heads toward Dana's office. Once he reaches outside of her doorway, Casey scopes out the area to see if anyone is watching him. He raps a few knocks on the door. After not getting an answer, he looks around once again, and then sneaks into the office.


We are inside Dana's office as Natalie bursts into the room. She notices Casey sitting in her chair.

Natalie: Uh, Casey- what are you doing?

Casey: (looks up at Natalie) Huh?

Natalie: What are you doing in Dana's office?

Casey: Oh, nothing. I'm just taking a break. I need a few moments to relax.

Natalie: In Dana's chair?

Casey: As opposed to?

Natalie: Your chair.

Casey: Dan's in there.

Natalie: In your chair?

Casey: In the office.

Natalie: It's his office, also.

Casey: I know, but I need a little privacy.

Natalie: Privacy.

Casey begins to gently rub the arms of Dana's chair.

Casey: Yes, some privacy.

Natalie: She'll be back next week.

Casey: I know she'll be back next week.

Jeremy taps on the open door, and walks in.

Jeremy: Natalie. Hey, Casey.

Natalie: Then where will you go for privacy?

Casey: Hey, Jeremy. (to Natalie) Everything will be fine next week.

Jeremy: Uh, Natalie- we might need to cut thirty seconds because of a breaking story out of Miami.

Natalie: That's fine. (to Casey) You miss her.

Casey: Yeah, I miss her. She's been gone for almost five weeks. I can't wait for her to get back from her vacation.

Jeremy: So things will return to normal?

Natalie: Who said things weren't going well?

Jeremy: I wasn't saying that. What I'm saying is that it would be nice to get Dana back because we all miss her.

Casey: Yeah, and I have a plan.

Natalie: Did you come up with it?

Casey: Yes.

Natalie: Casey, I hate to tell you this, but your plans suck.

Casey: They do not.

Natalie: So let's hear it.

Jeremy: Should I be hearing this?

Natalie and Casey both insist, "Stay!"

Natalie sits down and Jeremy quietly takes a seat next to her.

Natalie: So.

Casey: So.

Natalie: Go on.

Casey: I'm going to ask her out.

Natalie: You know she's not going to just take you back.

Casey: Yes she will.

Natalie: No she won't.

Casey: I was on the dating plan.

Natalie: No.

Casey: Yes.

Jeremy: I thought he was.

Natalie: Not exactly.

Casey: What do you mean, not exactly?

Natalie: I mean not totally.

Casey throws his hands in the air.

Casey: What?

Natalie: You're a pound short of the whole shebang.

Casey: How do you come to this conclusion?

Natalie: You went off on your own.

Casey: How?

Natalie: You became serious with Pixley.

Casey: So?

Natalie: You weren't supposed to be serious.

Casey contemplates for a second, tries to answer, but ends up just looking confused.

Natalie: And you turned Dana down when she was ready.

Casey: I was ready.

Natalie: But you said 'no.'

Casey: I was seeing Pixley- that was part of the plan.

Natalie: No, it wasn't.

Casey: I sent her e-mails when she was covering the Sydney Games.

Natalie: She never got them.

Casey: How do you know?

Natalie: She got my e-mails.

Casey: Jeremy?

Jeremy: It's not my fault.

Casey: Yes, it is.

Jeremy: How is that?

Casey: You said she was getting my e-mails.

Jeremy: What I said was that they were being sent to her address.

Casey: It's still your fault.

Jeremy: Let me get this straight- and correct me if I'm wrong- but I am being blamed for something I have absolutely no control over whatsoever.

Casey: Yes.

Jeremy: Okay.

Natalie: But it should have never come to that to begin with.

Casey: Huh?

Natalie: Even if she got the e-mails, you're still a pound short.

Casey: Of the whole shebang.

Natalie: Of the whole shebang.

Casey breathes a sigh of surrender.

Casey: Okay, what do I do?

Natalie: What do you do?

Casey: What do I do to get her back?

Natalie: Make a fool out of yourself.

Casey: Make a fool-

Natalie: Out of yourself, yes.

Casey: And option two would be?

Natalie: No option two.

Casey: Explain to me how making myself look like an idiot would help me get Dana back.

Natalie: Easy... it shows her how much you love her.

Casey: How do I go about your plan?

Natalie: Casey- you're a public figure. You have a million chances chances here, and you almost always take them anyway.

Casey: I heard that.

Natalie: That might be because I said it really loud.

Natalie gets up to leave, and Jeremy follows right behind her.

Casey: Natalie.

Natalie stops and turns around, while Jeremy leaves the room.

Casey: Don't tell Dana.

Natalie: (smiles) Okay.


With Casey's plan in place, you would think Dan would be having an easier time. Unfortunately, he is not because of the speculation floating around that Dan is cheating on his girlfriend Rebecca with CSC's technical advisor, JoAnne Galloway. Knowing all of the parties involved, I have a fear that somebody is going to get hurt. Dan Rydell is not the type of man to be promiscuous, and JoAnne is not the type of woman who would steal someone away. It's just their flirting gives a preconceived notion that more is going on between the two, and the rest of us instinctively protect Dan...

We see Jeremy and Casey exchanging notes and suggestions in the hallway, when Rebecca walks up to the two.

Rebecca: Hey, guys. Have you seen Dan?

Casey: Rebecca.

Jeremy: Rebecca, hi.

Rebecca: You guys seem shocked to see me.

Casey: Just a little surprised.

Jeremy: We're concentrating on work and everything.

Rebecca: Right. I didn't see Dan in his office. Do either of you know where he is?

Casey starts to point in the direction of the editing room, which is just a few doors down.

Casey: He was in the edit room-

Jeremy: That one is getting repaired- remember Casey?

Casey: Oh, yeah. That one is being repaired.

Jeremy: Have you tried his office?

Rebecca: That's what I said.

Jeremy: Right. (pause) Have you checked the snack area?

Rebecca: We're meeting for dinner.

Jeremy: Oh.

Casey: Maybe he is in the control room or on the set.

Rebecca: Well, he's late.

Casey: Maybe--

A loud crash can be heard in a room down the hall. The noise came from the editing room. Some hysterical laughing can be heard along with an "Oh my god, look what you have done?" The voice is JoAnne's.

Casey: I better check that out.

Jeremy: Yeah, you should.

Casey starts walking toward the edit room.

Casey: Check to see if anyone's hurt or damaged.

Jeremy: So, Rebecca.

Rebecca: Yes, Jeremy.

Jeremy: How's the new job?

Rebecca: Great, it's going great. Thank you for asking.

Jeremy: What are you doing exactly, again?

Rebecca: I'm in the marketing department for ABC.

Jeremy: Yeah, that's right. You're helping market their prime time shows.

Rebecca: Yes. I've been doing a lot of data and demographic researching.

Jeremy: I heard ABC didn't have good people in their marketing department.

Rebecca: I guess that's why I'm there now.


We are inside the editing room. Casey looks like a parent scolding his two "children," Dan and JoAnne.

Casey: So you better cut it out.

Dan: I said it was an accident.

JoAnne: I'm going to have to spend twenty, maybe thirty minutes tops, fixing this. It's not going to cause any serious problems, is it, Casey?

Casey: No, but Rebecca's here.

Dan: Oh yeah?

Casey: Yeesss. Dinner.

Dan: Oh. (pause) Yeah, dinner.

JoAnne: Well, since you already have plans, and it looks like- from this mess- I have plans also.

JoAnne picks up the damaged tape machine, and breaks out her tools to start to repair it.

Dan: Oh, man. I can't believe I completely forgot about that.

Casey: It's okay. Rebecca is just right outside the door with Jeremy.

Dan: Okay, great.

Casey: Danny, be careful.

Dan: What?

Casey: (whispers into Dan's ear) I don't want people to get the wrong impression about you and Jo.

Dan: You're crazy. We're just friends.

Casey: Just be careful.

Dan: Okay, I will.

Casey takes a peak out the door and sees no one in the hall, so he opens the door for Dan, says "Okay", and watches him leave the room.


And then we had the CSC's Sydney Games Closing Ceremony party at this new 50's-style place, Shorty's...

We watch the scene as a couple of songs from the 50's play in the background.

We take a look at Shorty's. It's a restaurant/bar with a small dance floor. There are red vinyl booths to go along with the chrome and white tables. The floor is in the classic black-and-white checkered pattern. There are framed mirrors on the walls, and we can see the kitchen in the back. All of Shorty's employees are wearing white aprons with white restaurant paper hats. It's a classic kitchen with food steaming behind the counter, and the menu posted above everyone's head is hand-written. There is a jukebox in the corner, and music is playing over the speakers. Some people are dancing to the music on the dance floor. We see many familiar faces inside the busy restaurant, talking and having a good time. We focus in on the bar, where the stools are made of a chrome frame with a red vinyl seat. We see Dan and JoAnne talking to each other while they nurse their drinks.

Dan: So that's what I ended up doing.

JoAnne: That's amazing. I didn't know you could play that well.

Dan: I'm not a professional, but I've had my moments.

JoAnne: Oh, by the way, I got your e-mail you sent me.

Dan: Yeah?

JoAnne: I didn't know it was "Be Nice to Cute Anchors Day."

Dan: Yes, some countries celebrate by partying in the streets, but here we are a little more subdued.

JoAnne: And I've made every effort to be extremely nice to Casey today.

Dan: Hey!

JoAnne breaks off into her trademark laughter.

We see Rebecca working her way through the mass of people surrounding Dan and JoAnne. She makes it to the bar and stands between JoAnne and Dan.

Rebecca: Hey, Dan. Sorry, I'm late. I had all this extra work that needed to be done.

Dan gets up, lays a kiss on Rebecca's cheek, and offers her his seat.

Dan: No problem. (beat) Oh, Rebecca meet Jo, CSC's technical supervisor. Jo this is Rebecca, my girlfriend.

The two women shake hands.

JoAnne: Nice to have finally met you.

Rebecca: Likewise. (pause) Hey, you're that 'Jo.' I'm sorry, I thought you were a guy.

JoAnne: Dan thought the same thing when we first met. He was pretty shocked.

Rebecca: Kinda' like the way I am right now.

Dan: It's okay. Jo is like Jeremy only without the glasses.

Rebecca: So this is what Jeremy looks like when he takes off his glasses?

Jeremy sneaks up from behind and joins the group.

JoAnne: Jeremy! Speak of the devil!

JoAnne jumps up and gives Jeremy a big hug.

Jeremy: Hey guys. What do you mean 'speak of the devil?'

Dan: Oh, we were just comparing you two.

Jeremy: Okay.

Rebecca: You two (motions between Jeremy and JoAnne) know each other?

JoAnne: We went to UCLA together.

Rebecca: Really?

Jeremy: I had the higher GPA.

JoAnne: Only because you got higher grades in those Humanities courses.

Jeremy: It still counts.

Rebecca: So, you've known each other for a while.

JoAnne: Yes. He recruited me over to CSC, and you know Jeremy, you just can't say 'no.'

Dan: Oh, I didn't need to hear that.

Rebecca: Hmm.

Jeremy: (blushing) You could have any job you want with your computer skills.

JoAnne: Thank you.

Jeremy: (to Rebecca and Dan) Did you know she is helping retool our website? She is amazing when it comes to programming and fixing things.

JoAnne: Stop it!

Rebecca: That's good to hear.

Dan: That's why I keep calling her whenever things are broken.

Jeremy: I can fix it.

Dan: Ah, that's correct, my fine friend. But you lack the efficiency which Jo possesses.

Jeremy: I can be more efficient. I don't have the luxury of working with repairing and programming computers and equipment all day long.

JoAnne: It looks like GPA doesn't count for everything, Jeremy.

Jeremy: It counts for something.

JoAnne blows Jeremy off by laughing- which also signals the end of that conversation.


I'm just concerned over this whole situation. I hope everyone can be strong enough to be open-minded and trusting enough in these relationships.

And, Louise, Grade Point Average does count for something.

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