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Anna's Recap of "The Hungry and the Hunted" Episode
by Anna Swiberg

Issac and Casey are sitting in the newsroom and watching a game... I think it's football. Have I mentioned that I don't know anything about sports? Well, I don't. The two of them are discussing a player's next move, and I don't really have any idea what they're talking about, but I do know that nobody apparently ever told Casey that it's rude to talk with your mouth full, as he's stuffing popcorn in his mouth continually throughout the conversation. Plus, it's dangerous. Those little popcorn kernels will choke you without a second thought.

Jeremy comes along, and after much badgering on Issac's part, makes his own guess about the player. He rattles off a very specific play, title and all, and Issac questions Jeremy's sanity. Hey, but listen now, as Casey turns everyone's attention back to the game. The player appears to be doing exactly what Jeremy guessed! Oh my God, who could have seen that coming! Although I have to say that I love all their reactions as the play is being called. It's probably the only thing really worth noting in this scene.

As the show kicks in, we're in the conference room listening to Dan go on about bolts and backsteps, and I feel about as lost as Dana looks. But before I get too far into this, I'd like to point out that this episode managed to focus pretty well on two main story lines, Jeremy's experience on his first segment production, and Casey's burgeoning awareness of Dana's hotness. But there's this side thing about Dan's interest in sports, which I don't think is worth much mention in my review, so let me just sum it up by saying that Dan loves yacht racing, but finds soccer mind-numbingly boring. Make sense to you? Yeah, I didn't think so.

As we move on, it's made known that Jeremy's getting the call, something that everyone seems to know about except him. It makes me think of the time when I was in the fifth grade, and everyone called my math teacher Mr. Boner (his real name was Bowen) because it always looked like he had a hard-on, but I didn't know what a boner was, so I never knew what they were talking about, but I was too embarrassed to say anything. It totally sucked (no pun intended). Anyhoo, Jeremy is left in the dark as the scene moves on to Sachs' reception.

This part of the scene doesn't do much to move the story along, except to let us know that Dana's gonna dress up real nice. It does offer up some very funny lines, though. Namely Casey's line about "showing up two thousand years before the birth of Christ," and Dan's weird amount of knowledge about women's shoes. I especially knew they were funny because of how much the laugh track agreed with me. Man, I can't wait till they get rid of that.

The meeting ends, and Jeremy bugs Issac and Dana into telling him what's going on. They move into Issac's office. Essentially, they're sending Jeremy on the "CSC Outdoorsman" to produce a segment that involves hunting. It's pretty obvious that Jeremy is uncomfortable about hunting, but tells Issac that there's not a problem, and Issac chooses to believe him. Natalie comes in and gives him all the stats. Jeremy is upset about the whole thing, and wants to know if he's being punished. Issac assures him that he'll be fine, as he and Dana leave the office. Natalie stays behind, and Jeremy shows concern about Issac having talked to Mark Sabbath, his old boss, not letting us know why, but setting it up for later. Natalie assures him once more, reminding him that he's getting the call. Jeremy insists that he still doesn't know what the means. I would have thought that he could have figured out that it had something to do with producing his first segment. I mean, geez, it didn't even take me that long to figure out what a boner was.

It seems that Natalie is still on her ongoing quest to make Dana and Casey into a couple, as we move on to the next scene. She's reminding Dan that he has to get dressed for the reception, but before he can leave, she lets him know that she wants Dan to ride with Issac, so that Dana and Casey can ride together. Dan lets her know that he gets her plan to help them fall in love, which he claims is a stupid plan. I don't know, my friend did that to me once (not in a limo, of course) and I ended up dating the guy for a few months. Granted, I didn't fall in love, but it could have worked if it had been a better guy.

Once again, I'll mention that Dan hates soccer. Oh, and Casey can't dress himself.

Dan tries to smoothly suggest that Casey ride in the limo with Dana, but Casey can see where he's going with that, and balks at the idea. He insists that he doesn't want to have to notice or pay attention to Dana. As he leaves the office, though, he is visibly stunned by the way Dana looks, and he trips while he his busy watching her ass as she walks away. I hate that in shows and movies, when people trip over nothing as a comical pratfall to show their reaction to something. I've never seen anyone do that in real life. Well, at least not sober.

There's a brief moment where we learn that something went wrong with Jeremy in the Adirondacks, but we'll learn more about that later.

Well, it seems that Casey was indeed wooed by Dana, as we move on to the next day, and Dan lets Natalie know that Casey is driving him crazy. Natalie is psyched that her plan worked, but Dan insists that it also has to do with the fact that Dana was hanging out with some guy. Natalie is further psyched.

Dan arrives in the studio, and we get to see Casey do some buggin'. He questions Dan about how many people he can think of named Gordon, and both of them can only come up with two: Liddy and Lightfoot. Hey, what about Gordon LaChance from "Stand By Me," or Gordon, the guy who's married to my family's good friend, Jan? Casey's premise that there shouldn't be any more Gordons doesn't really hold water. But, apparently, Gordon was the name of the guy hanging with Dana at the party last night. Casey is obviously disturbed by it, and Dan is obviously disturbed by Casey. Finally, they stop talking about it as the show starts, and I'd like to point out that Casey does that thing where he points at the camera as he says, "So stick around," which is the third time in as many episodes. I hate the finger point thing, it is so completely cheesy.

Dan and Casey cross the newsroom, talking about Gordon so more, and they head into the office while Casey "cranks it up a notch." Jeremy comes into the newsroom, back from the "CSC Outdoorsman," and he looks really tired. Everyone welcomes his back, and he perks up, telling them that everything went great, which we can figure isn't true. Issac and Dana call him away, and they go into Issac's office. They confront him about what happened in the Adirondacks, saying that they know he went to the hospital because he threw up and passed out. Jeremy finally caves, letting them know that they shot a deer on the second day. He tells the story about his part in attracting a deer, quite obviously a mother, when he offered her a Twinkie. Joshua Malina does an excellent job here of showing his distaste for the situations, and his outrage as the host tries to convince him about the nobility and tradition of hunting, which Jeremy knows is a load of b*******. He's very obviously worked up about it, and I love Malina's face throughout the speech as he gets angrier.

Issac wants to know why he didn't let them know how he felt about hunting, and Jeremy tells him that he must know how he lost his past jobs, because he talked to Mark Sabbath. Issac says yes, that essentially, all his past employers said that he was bright, but didn't fit in. Jeremy lets him know that he needs this job, and that his instinct told him to just agree, because disagreeing is how qualified people lose good jobs. Issac says that's how people end up working for CSC. So, is the network like some kind of Island of Misfit Toys, only for sports fans? In any case, it makes Jeremy feel better, and Issac lets him know that he just wants him to be himself. Issac and Dana leave Jeremy alone in the office, and he wanders over to the phone, where he calls his parents to tell them the good news. A really great scene overall, and some wonderful acting.

But on a final note, what's with the song choice for the fade out? "Let me inside you..."


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