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Season One Trivia Game
created by Sarah Price

1. From the "Pilot": Casey tells Dan he wants to quit sportscasting. Why?
  • a. He wants more money.
  • b. He hates sports.
  • c. He is upset about the decline of morals in sports.
2. From "The Apology": Following a comment in a magazine, the network forces Dan to apologize. To whom does Dan apologize?
  • a. Casey.
  • b. His brother, Sam.
  • c. The network.
3. From "The Hungry and the Hunted": What happens to Jeremy when he is sent to produce a hunting segment?
  • a. He falls in a lake.
  • b. He wins an award.
  • c. He collapses.
4. From "Intellectual Property": What is bothering Casey in the studio?
  • a. A fly.
  • b. Dan.
  • c. The lights.
5. From "Mary Pat Shelby": What kind of change does Dan want to make?
  • a. He wants a raise.
  • b. He wants to direct.
  • c. He wants to grow a goatee.
6. From "The Head Coach, Dinner, and the Morning Mail": When Jeremy feels helpless about helping Natalie, what does he do?
  • a. He beats up her attacker.
  • b. He makes dinner for her.
  • c. He takes her to Las Vegas.
7. From "Dear Louise...": Why does Jeremy write letters to his sister?
  • a. She is deaf.
  • b. She doesn't have a phone.
  • c. He doesn't have a phone.
8. From "Thespis": What falls on the anchor desk during the show?
  • a. A studio light.
  • b. A frozen turkey.
  • c. Jeremy.
9. From "The Quality of Mercy at 29K": Dan can't choose which charity to help. What does he finally do?
  • a. He sends money to an AIDS organization.
  • b. He supports a local symphony.
  • c. He splits a sandwich with a homeless man.
10. From "Shoe Money Tonight": What does Isaac learn during a visit to his tailor?
  • a. He is shrinking.
  • b. He is allergic to polyester.
  • c. His tailor is his long-lost brother.
11. From "The Six Southern Gentlemen of Tennessee": What happens when Casey takes credit for his Sports Night wardrobe during an appearance on The View?
  • a. He gets fired.
  • b. He receives a free box of ties.
  • c. The wardrobe assistant tells him off.
12. From "Smoky": Who spilled the beans about Isaac grooming Dana for his job?
  • a. Casey.
  • b. Jeremy.
  • c. Sally.
13. From "Small Town": What excuse do Casey and Dana give Isaac for wanting to come to work instead of going on their double-date?
  • a. The trading deadline is that night.
  • b. They don't like each other's dates.
  • c. They don't like each other.
14. From "Rebecca": What advice does Casey give Dana about Gordon?
  • a. To break up with him.
  • b. To be herself.
  • c. To spend more time on the show and less time with him.
15. From "Dana and the Deep Blue Sea": Why doesn't Dana want to go snorkeling with Gordon?
  • a. She can't swim.
  • b. She wants to go with Casey.
  • c. She is afraid of fish.
16. From "Sally": How does Casey discover Gordon slept with Sally?
  • a. Gordon tells him while drunk at Anthony's.
  • b. Casey catches the two of them together.
  • c. Gordon is wearing the shirt Casey left at Sally's apartment.
17. From "How are Things in Glocca Morra?": What does Dana do that upsets Casey?
  • a. She dumps the show to go out with Gordon.
  • b. She steals the provolone cheese.
  • c. She beats him at garbage can basketball.
18. From "The Sword of Orion": What does Jeremy find out during a visit with his family?
  • a. His parents are having another baby.
  • b. His father has been having an affair.
  • c. His parents are aliens.
19. From "Eli's Coming": What does everyone learn has happened to Isaac?
  • a. He won a million dollars.
  • b. He has accepted another job.
  • c. He suffered a stroke.
20. From "Ordnance Tactics": What does Natalie refuse to take from Jeremy?
  • a. Money.
  • b. Any lip.
  • c. His request for a temporary break-up.
21. From "Ten Wickets": What does Rebecca come to the studio to tell Dan?
  • a. She is pregnant.
  • b. She is going back to her husband.
  • c. She is dying.
22. From "Napoleon's Battle Plan": Why is Natalie punishing Dan?
  • a. He knew about Gordon and Sally, and he didn't tell her.
  • b. Casey told her to punish him.
  • c. He is cheating on Rebecca.
23. From "What Kind of Day Has It Been": Why does Gordon break off his engagement to Dana?
  • a. He is in love with Sally.
  • b. Dana is having an affair.
  • c. Dana is in love with Casey.

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